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The Military Orders: Bibliographies

Paul Crawford and Erik Opsahl

It is the intent of the editors to update these bibliographies continually. We invite the submission of new material, particularly works of an obscure nature. Eventually we hope to include virtually all material relating to the military orders.

The bibliographies are in two main parts.

The first part (The Military Orders: Initial Bibliography) contains some of the most up-to-date works of the highest scholarship, as well as the most recent English translations of the orders' rules, and is recommended to those who are beginning an investigation of the Military Orders. Every effort has been made to limit the works in the Initial Bibliography to English, but in some areas the only good secondary sources are in other languages. This is particularly true for materials relating to the Teutonic Knights.

The second part (The Military Orders: Extended Bibliographies) contains works of varying date and of varying reliability; this bibliography is intended for in-depth research use.
The Military Orders: Initial Bibliography

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Copyright (C) 1996, Paul Crawford and Erik Opsahl. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.

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Updated: 12 April 1999

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