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The Life of Jesus to Age 12

James Mills


Four of the five wall paintings found in medieval Denmark show the infant Jesus on a altar, the fifth differs. The Elmelunde Workshop painted both Fanefjord and Tingsted, and treated the same subject in different ways. In three of the paintings the High Priest is shown wearing a bishop's miter. In some of the English mystery plays the High Priest is referred to as "bisschop".

Tuse. c.1450. Isefjord Workshop. (M-K 25-097). Circumcision of Christ. Sect 1, east arch, left pendentive. Left, two women, with nimbi, and BVM, with nimbus who holds Child on altar. Child, with cross nimbus, lies on altar. Right, man wearing bishop's miter, holding knife. Far right, building. Above Child, scroll, text. Circumsicio.

Fanefjord. c.1480. Elmelunde. (M-K 08-027). Circumcision. North nave, north arch. Left, two women with nimbi, center, man kneels, knife in hand before Child. Right, the high priest, seated on high backed chair, holds Child on lap with left hand, right hand raised shoulder high, palm out. Child, with cross nimbus, hands shoulder high, palms facing.

Tingsted. c.1480. Elmelunde Workshop. (M-K 25-035). Circumcision of Christ. Choir, north arch. Far left, servant with candle. Left, man with bishop's miter and knife. Center, Child, with cross nimbus, lies on later, right hand raised palm up. Right, BVM, crowned, holds Child.

Sulsted. c.1548. Hans Maler (M-K 23-027). Circumcision of Christ. Sect 3, east arch, left. Left, figure. Figure holds arm of Christ. Christ, with cross nimbus, nude, held by third figure. Right, man with knife. Text below. her lader jhesum sig omskiere.Altar covered with fringed striped cloth.

Oddense, Torummaler Workshop. 1540. (M-K 20-059). Circumcision of Christ. Left, servant and figure with bishop's miter. Center, Child, with nimbus, sits nude on altar. In back of altar, servant with knife. Right, BVM, with nimbus, hands outstretched towards Child. Right of BVM, woman with candle in right hand, bag in left. Far right, two men. Danish text, illegible.

Images found in Danmarks kirker

Hasle, VII-80, 9. Circumcision of Christ, wood sculpture, pulpit. c.1600.

Jyllinge, III-767, 4, Circumcision of Christ, wood sculpture, reredos.

Kippinge, VIII-1230. Circumcision of Christ, wood sculpture, font. c.1635. By Joergen Ringnis. Similar to Noerre Vedby.

Kyndby, 11-2716, 9a. Circumcision of Christ, stone sculpture, font. c.1600.

Udby, VI-914. Circumcision of Christ, wood sculpture. c.1500. In Vordingborg Museum.

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