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The Passion of Jesus

James Mills


Another topic rarely painted.

Broens. c.1525-35. (M-K 05-071.) Appearance before the Jews. Bottom row, north wall. Left, crowd of Jews, one points to scroll overhead, text. Ecce homo. right, Christ, with nimbus, hands bound in front, held by guard. Appearance before Pilate. right, left, Christ,with cross nimbus, hands bound in front, held by guard, faces Pilate. Soldiers in back ground. Right, Pilate, seated in high backed chair with canopy, raised on dais, washes hands in basin held by page.

Sulsted. c.1548. Hans Maler. (M-K 23-023.) Ecce homo. Sect 2, north arch, right. Left, crowd with soldiers. Center, man, with stockings falling down showing bare thighs, mocks Christ. Right, Christ, with cross nimbus and crown of thorns, bleeding from all parts of body, held by two men. Far right, building. Text below. da sagde pilatus til ioederne:seer deete mennisk. de suarede: tag borte, tag borte ock korsfeste hanum.


Aarhus Cathedral, XVI-489, 265, 276. Painted wood, reredos. c. 1479

Kornerup, III-682. Wood carving. c.1500. South German workmanship.

Loejt, XXII-1789, 8-12. Painted wood, reredos. c.1520.

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