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The Passion of Jesus

James Mills


Vigersted. (M-K 28-108). c.1450. Carrying the cross. Sect 1, west arch, left. Left, two women with nimbi. Center left, Simon of Cyrene helps carry cross. Center, Christ, with cross nimbus and crown of thorns, lead by rope around waist. Center right, executioner, mocking, leads Christ.

Aagerup. (M-K 31-042). c.1500. Buffeting. Sect 3, east arch, right. Center, Christ, with cross nimbus, blindfolded, is buffeted by two executioners.

Kettinge. (M-K 14-079). c.1500. Christ before Herod. Sect 2, N arch. Left, Christ before Herod. Left, two men hold Christ, with cross nimbus, hands bound in front, before man sitting on throne. Right, mocking. Left, man raises hand to strike Christ, diminutive man kneels and mocks Christ. Center, Christ, with cross nimbus, seated, hands bound in front. Right, second man raises hand to strike. Scroll, cannot read.

Ottestrup. (M-K 19-030). c.1510. Carrying the cross. Sect 2, north arch, right detail. Executioner with wooden leg and man mocking Christ.


Burkal, XXI-1632, 7. Wood carving, reredos. c.1622. A copy of the reredos in Klixbull in Kr. Sudtondern by the Ringerinck workshop. The Agony in the Garden and the Scourging influenced by Albr. Duerer's copperplate Passion of 1508 or 1512.

Eggeslevmagle, V-784, 12, 13. Wood carving, reredos. 1450-1500.

Haderslev, XX-137. Wood carving, reredos. 1520-30. In the Slesvig-Holstein Museum.

Helsingoer, Almindelig Hospital, II-514, 5-8. Stone carving. c. 1500.

Helsingoer, St. Marie, II-377, 67-85. Engraved plate, chalice. 1333. In National Museum. Called the Parisian set.

Maribo Cathedral, VIII-60, 28. Plate, engraved, chalice. 1400-1425. The so-called "Queen Margaret's chalice."

Pedersborg, V-286, 6, 7. Wood carving, reredos. c.1475.

Raer, XII-225, 12. Wood carving, reredos. c.1500.

Ringsted, St. Bendt, V-156, 41. Wood carving, choir stall. c.1420. Similar to Roskilde Cathedral.

Saedinge, VIII-788, 6, 7, Wood carving, reredos. c. 1475.

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