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The Life of Jesus to Age 12

James Mills

The Nativity - 1100-1399.

Raasted. c.1175. (M-K 20-099). Nativity. North wall, left. Poor condition. Left, two figures, one with nimbus. Right, Nativity. Christ, with nimbus, in swaddling cloths, lies in manger, head of donkey and ox seen behind.

Foerslev. c.1200. (M-K 08-091). Nativity. Choir, north wall, right. Left, Joseph, with nimbus, kneels. right, fragment of Nativity.

Gammelsogn. c.1200. (M-K 09-004). Nativity. Chancel wall. Joseph sleeps.

Oerslev, Soroe. c.1325. (M-K 31-035). Nativity. South wall, left. Top, left, crowned figure sits, head on left hand. Center, Child, in swaddling cloths, with nimbus, lies in manger, heads of ox and donkey in background. Right, BVM, lies in bed. Middle, deer left, tree center, horse right. The deer and horse are eating the tree. Bottom, Saxtorph interprets this frieze as the welcome of the men right, by the women left. Far left, gate and towers of a city. Left, two crowned women, holding cups, welcome three men right, two hold swords.

Images found in Danmarks kirker

Loegum klosterkirke, XXI-1096, 28-33. Nativity. Painted wood, altar panel c.1325. Similar to Rieseby in Kr. Eckernforde, in National Museum. Oldest painted altar panel in Denmark.

Odder, XVI-2536, 21, 74. Nativity, copper covered carved wood reredos. 1050-1250

Aa, VII-164, 19, 20. Nativity, wood sculpture, font. 1150-1250. By Sighraf from Gotland.

Brarup, VIII-1255, 17. Nativity, wood sculpture. c.1255. Similar to Skorpinge.

Gyrstinge, V-390. Nativity, wood sculpture. c.1300. In Saxos Celle.

Loejtofte kirke, VIII-589, 8. Nativity, stone sculpture, font. 1100-1250. By "Magister Majestatis."

Mern, VI-943. Nativity, wood sculpture. c.1200. In Vordingborg Museum.

Ringsted, St. Bendt, V-154, 39. Nativity, stone sculpture, font. 1153-64. By Sighraf.

Selsoe, II-2614, 13. Nativity, wood sculpture. c.1250.

Skelby, VIII-1364, 5-7. Nativity, stone sculpture, font. 1175-1200. By "Anonymus calcarius." Similar to a font in Angermanland in; Sweden.

Vester Broby, V-310. Nativity, wood sculpture. 1200-1250. In National Museum.

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