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The Passion of Jesus

James Mills


Gislinge. (M-K 09-082). c.1480. Placing Christ on cross. Sect 1, north arch. Left, executioner nails right hand of Christ to cross. Below, two figures with nimbi, one ties loincloth on Christ. Below, executioner, foot braced against foot of cross, uses rope to pulldown feet of Christ to meet hole. Center, Christ, with cross nimbus and crown of thorns, lies on cross. Below, executioner straightens nail with hammer and rock. Right, executioner nails left hand of Christ to cross as other executioner, foot braced against framing arch, pulls out left arm of Christ with rope.

Gislinge. (M-K 09-084). c.1480. Christ. Right detail.

Kettinge. (M-K 14-085). c.1500. Placing Christ on cross. Sect 3, west arch. Left, executioner uses rope to stretch arm of Christ to fit hole. Executioner nails hand to cross. Tau cross. Christ, with cross nimbus, bleeding from arms, hands, body, legs and feet. Executioner nails feet to cross. Cemter left, tool box. Right, man with scepter and second with halberd, watch.

Reerslev. (M-K 20-018). c.1450. Isefjord Workshop. Placing Christ on cross. Sect 2, west arch, right pendentive. Left, executioner nails right hand of Christ to cross. Center, Christ, with cross nimbus, bleeding from head, hands and all parts of body, scroll above, cannot read. Lower center, second executioner with rope around feet of Christ. Right, third executioner nails left hand of Christ to cross.

Sulsted. (M-K 23-013). c.1548. Hans Maler Placing Christ on cross. Choir, east arch, left. Left, two men supervising executioners, two figures with nimbi, group of soldiers, armed. Center left, man nails feet of Christ to cross. Right, man uses rope to pull out right arm of Christ as third executioner nails hand. Between cross and bottom of scene, robe and dice. Below, text. di lade ihesum saa noegen ned po korsset og sloge hans hender ock foeder igemel.


Gislinge. c.1480. 9-83. Placing Christ on cross. Left detail.


Broens. c.1525-35. (M-K 05-073). 05-073. Raising the cross. Bottom row, north wall. Left, center, two men raise cross with Christ on the cross. Left, background, crowd including man with bishop's miter. Two crosses for thieves in background left and right. Crucifixion. Right, left, three women, two helping the one who faints. Longinus, left of cross, points to eyes as second man points lance to side of Christ. Center, Christ on cross, with nimbus. Woman, at foot of cross, embraces cross. Two men with dice, hold cloak. Soldier with spear. In background, left and right, the thieves on tau crosses.


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