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Publications on Dante: Steven Botterill

I have to thank Prof. Botterill for having provided, on my request, a list of his Dante publications, on which the following is based. Eventual errors are still mine.
Otfried Lieberknecht (12 June 1996)

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  1. Dante and the Mystical Tradition: Bernard of Clairvaux in the «Commedia», Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1994 (= Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literatur, 22)
    • Steve Ellis, Times Literary Supplement, 4 November 1994, p.28
    • Richard Allen Shoaf, Choice 32,5 (January 1995), p.213
    • Mario Trovato, Annali d'Italianistica 13 (1995), p.479-483
    • Peter S. Hawkins, Speculum 71,1 (1996), p.127-129

  2. Dante, De vulgari eloquentia, edited and translated by Steven Botterill. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1996 (= Cambridge Medieval Classics, 5), xxx+105 pp.

Articles and notes:

  1. Doctrine, Doubt, and Certainty: Paradiso XXXII, 40-84. In: Italian Studies 42 (1987), p.20-36

  2. Italian Versification: A Note. In: Lorenzo Bianconi, Music in the Seventeenth Century, translated by David Bryant, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987, p. xi-xii

  3. "Quae non licet homini loqui": The Ineffability of Mystical Experience in Paradiso I and the Epistle to Can Grande. In: Modern Language Review 83,2 (1988), p.332-341

  4. The Form of Dante's Minotaur. In: Forum Italicum 22,1 (1988), p.60-76

  5. Cecco Nuccoli: An Introduction. In: The Italianist 8 (1988), p.16-32

  6. Re-reading Lancelot: Dante, Chaucer, and «Le Chevalier de la Charrette». In: Philological Quarterly 67,3 (1988), p.279-289

  7. Life after Beatrice: Bernard of Clairvaux in Paradiso XXXI. In: Texas Studies in Literature and Language 32,1 (1990) [= *Beatrice Dolce Memoria, 1290-1990: Essays on the «Vita Nuova» and the Beatrice-Dante Relationship, ed. David Wallace], p.120-136

  8. Inferno XXIX: Capocchio and the Limits of Realism. In: *Italiana 1988: Selected Papers from the Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference of the American Association of Teachers of Italian (November 18-20, 1988), Monterey, CA. Edited by Albert N. Mancini, Paolo A. Giordano, and Anthony J. Tamburri, River Forest (Ill.) 1990 (= Rosary College Italian Studies, 4), p.23-33

  9. Inferno XII. In: *Lectura Dantis Virginiana, I. Dante's Inferno: Introductory Readings, edited by Tibor Wlassics, Supplement to Lectura Dantis 6 (1990), p.149-162

  10. "Legato con amore in un volume": Uberto Limentani and the Cambridge Lecturae Dantis. In: Lectura Dantis 7 (Fall 1990), p.29-35

  11. Dante Studies and the Study of Dante. In: Annali d'Italianistica 8 (1990), p.88-102

  12. Autobiography and Artifice in the Medieval Lyric: The Case of Cecco Nuccoli. In: Italian Studies 46 (1991), p.37-57

  13. Not of This World: Spiritual and Temporal Powers in Dante and Bernard of Clairvaux. In: Lectura Dantis 10 (Spring 1992), p.8-21

  14. Bernard of Clairvaux in the Trecento Commentaries on Dante's Commedia. In: Dante Studies 109 (1991 [1992]), p.89-118

  15. Purgatorio XXVII. In: *Lectura Dantis Virginiana, II. Dante's Purgatorio: Introductory readings, edited by Tibor Wlassics, Supplement to Lectura Dantis 12 (1993), p. 398-410

  16. "Però che la divisione non si fa se non per aprire la sentenzia de la cosa divisa" (Vita nuova, XIV, 13): The Vita Nuova as Commentary. In: *La gloriosa donna... (1994): La gloriosa donna de la mente. A commentary on the Vita Nuova. Edited by Vincent Moleta, Firenze: Olschki, & Perth: University of Western Australia, Department of Italian, 1994 (= Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 5), p.61-76

  17. Introduction, in: *Italy On the Loose: 1995, New York: Fodor's, 1994 (= Berkeley Guides), p. xvi-xvii

  18. Dante e l'alchimia. In: *Dante e la scienza, edited by Patrick Boyde and Vittorio Russo, Ravenna: Longo, 1995, p. 203-211

  19. Paradiso XII. In: *Lectura Dantis Virginiana, III. Dante's Paradiso: Introductory readings, edited by Tibor Wlassics, Supplement to Lectura Dantis 16-17 (1995), p.172-185

  20. Dante's Poetics of the Sacred Word. In: Philosophy and Literature 20,1 (1996), p.154-162

  21. The Trecento Commentaries on Dante's Commedia. In: *The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, vol. II, forthcoming

  22. "Lectulus noster floridus": Dante, St Bernard, and the Institutionaln Church. In: *Lectura Dantis Newberryana, forthcoming

  23. Entries on Cecco Nuccoli, Marino Ceccoli, and Neri Moscoli, for Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia, edited by Christopher Kleinhenz and Giuseppe Mazzotta, forthcoming

  24. Minor Writers of the Trecento. In: *The Cambridge History of Italian Literature, edited by Lino Pertile and C. P. Brand, forthcoming

  25. Dante and the Authority of Poetic Language. In: *Dante: Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Amilcare Iannucci, forthcoming

  26. Entries "Alchemy", "Bernard, St.", "Bonaventure, St.", "Falsifiers", "Martyrdom", "Mendicant Orders", "Saints", in *The Dante Encyclopedia, edited by Richard Lansing, forthcoming

Review articles:

  1. Duecento and Trecento, I: Dante.
    In: The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies
    44 (1982), p.529-540
    45 (1983), p.449-462
    46 (1984), p.452-465
    47 (1985), p.462-475
    48 (1986), p.499-511
    49 (1987), p.460-470

  2. Dante in North America: 1990-1991. In: Lectura Dantis 11 (Fall 1992), p.3-25

  3. Dante Studies in the British Isles since 1980. In: Dante Studies 111 (1993), p.245-261

  4. Dante in North America: 1991-1993. In: Lectura Dantis, 14-15 (1994), p.116-128


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  35. Medium Aevum, forthcoming:
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  36. Annali d'Italianistica, forthcoming:
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  37. Medium Aevum, forthcoming:
    Paola Rigo, Memoria classica e memoria biblica in Dante, Firenze: Olschki, 1994 (= Saggi di Lettere Italiane, 48)


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