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Publications on Dante: Christopher Kleinhenz

I have to thank Prof. Kleinhenz for having provided a list of his publications on Dante. The formatting and eventual errors of transcription are mine.
29 September 1996, Otfried Lieberknecht

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Books and Editions

  1. The Early Italian Sonnet: The First Century (1220-1321), Lecce: Milella, 1986 (= Collezione di Studi e Testi, 2), 250 pp.

  2. [Editor of] Dante Studies, 107 (1989), 108 (1990), 109 (1991), 110 (1992), 111 (1993), 112 (1994), 113 (1995), -

    Articles and Chapters in Books

  3. "Dante's Towering Giants: Inferno XXXI," Romance Philology 27 (1974), p.269-285

  4. "A Nose for Art (Purgatory VII): Notes on Dante's Iconographical Sense," Italica 52 (1975), p.372-379

  5. "Infernal Guardians Revisited: 'Cerbero, il gran vermo' (Inf. VI, 22)," Dante Studies 93 (1975), p.185-199

  6. "Food for Thought: Purgatorio XXII, 146-147," Dante Studies 95 (1977), p.69-79

  7. [co-authored by Gino Casagrande:] "Inferno VII: Cariddi e l'avarizia," Aevum 54 (1980), p.340-344

  8. "Plutus, Fortune, and Michael: The Eternal Triangle," Dante Studies 98 (1980), p.35-52

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    Contributions to Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  25. "Dolce Stil Nuovo," in: Dictionary of Italian Literature, ed. Peter and Julia Conaway Bondanella (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1979), 183-188

  26. "Questione della Lingua," in: Dictionary of Italian Literature, 428-432

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  29. Revised entries on the following topics for the The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, ed. Alex Preminger and T. V. F. Brogan (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1993): "Canzone" (169-170), "Dolce Stil Nuovo" (301-303), "Hendecasyllable" (515), "Italian Prosody" (651-654), "Terza Rima Sonnet" (1271)


  30. "American Dante Bibliography" for 1985-94, published in Dante Studies 104-113 (1986-95), now available also in the electronic version supplied by Richard Lansing for the DanteNet Internet website (1996):

29 Sept 1996

 ORB Dante Section

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