August 1491

Each year on August 29 a common assembly is to be held in the community house for the election of bailiffs and other officers, according to ancient custom of the town. Each of the 24 [jurats] and of the 48 [Common Councillors] who is in town shall – without any excuse, except for illness or some particularly good reason – be present at this annual assembly without having to be summoned, upon the following penalties: 20s. [fine] on each of the 24 who fails to appear by 9 o'clock, or 10 o'clock at the latest; 10s. on each of the 48 who similarly fails, to be forfeited and levied without delay for the use and profit of the community. None of those who are absent are to purpose to go out of town that day without a very good reason, upon the same penalties.

[The last sentence probably referred to an attempt to avoid the fine for non-appearance by pretending an absence from town.]