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Images of Sites from Roman and Sub-Roman Britain

Ancaster, Bath, Burgh Castle, Caerleon, Caernarvon, Canterbury, Castle Dore, Glastonbury, Lincoln, London, Portchester, Richborough, South Cadbury, Tintagel, Ty Mawr, Whithorn, Wroxeter, York

This page was designed with the assistance of Michael Cleary.


Sub-Roman cemetery at Ancaster.


Remains of the Gorgon Pediment of the Temple of Sulis Minerva, Bath.

The Sacred Spring at Roman Bath.

The Great Bath.

Burgh Castle

Surviving walls and corner tower of Burgh Castle, a Roman fort on the Saxon Shore which was later converted by the Normans into a motte-and-bailey castle.


Entrance to the Roman amphitheater at Caerleon.

The Roman amphitheater at Caerleon.

Foundations of the Roman legionary barracks at Caerleon.


Remains of the Roman fort of Segontium, Caernarvon.


St. Pancras, Canterbury, the oldest active parish church in Britain.

Site of St. Augustine's monastery, Canterbury.

Castle Dore

Plateau of Castle Dore near Fowey, Cornwall.

Ramparts of Castle Dore.


A view of Glastonbury Tor from Wearyall Hill, site of the Glasonbury Thorn.

Ascending Glastonbury Tor.

Path leading to St. Michael's Tower.


St. Michael's Tower on Glastonbury Tor.

A view from St. Michael's Tower on Glastonbury Tor.

Descending Glastonbury Tor.

The remains of Glastonbury Abbey.


The still-standing North Gate of Roman Lincoln.


Remains of the late Roman wall in London.


View of the Saxon Shore fort from atop Portchester Castle.

Bastions of the Saxon Shore fort.


The walls of the Saxon Shore fort of Richborough.

Base of a baptismal font within the Saxon Shore fort of Richborough.

South Cadbury

A view from the ramparts of South Cadbury hillfort.


Various views of the promontory structures at Tintagel, Cornwall.

Ty Mawr

Foundations of a hut circle at Ty Mawr, Holyhead.

Remains of a rectangular hut at Ty Mawr, Holyhead.


Excavation of the early Christian settlement at Whithorn, Galloway.

St. Ninian's Cave near Whithorn.


Remains of the Old Work, at Roman Wroxeter, where an elaborate timber complex was constructed in the fifth century.


A late Roman multi-angular tower at York.