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The Crusades

The Crusades: Select General Bibliography: Secondary Sources

Paul Crawford

This bibliography is designed to serve as an introduction to the Crusades for serious students. It contains up-to-date works on a wide range of crusade-related topics. All entries are in English. Readers are also referred to the monumental bibliographies by Hans Eberhard Mayer: Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Kreuszzüge, Hanover, 1960 (the work is useful to non-German speakers); and, with Joyce McLellan and Harry Hazard, "Select Bibliography of the Crusades," in A History of the Crusades VI, ed. Hazard and Zacour, Madison, Wis., 1989, pp. 511-664. See also specific bibliographies on ORB, including "The Military Orders: Initial Bibliography."

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Copyright (C) 1996, Paul Crawford. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.

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