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Table of Contents of
Medieval Hagiography: An Anthology,
ed. Thomas Head (New York: Garland Press, 1999)


Introduction by Thomas Head

1 Athanasius of Alexandria, Life of St. Antony of Egypt, translated by David Brakke

2 Victricius of Rouen, In Praise of the Saints, translated by Philippe Buc

3 Mark the Deacon, Life of St. Porphyry of Gaza, translated by Claudia Rapp

4 Constantine the Great, the Empress Helena, and the Relics of the Holy Cross, edited and translated by E. Gordon Whatley

5 Life of the Holy Virgin Samthann, translated by Dorothy Africa

6 Jonas of Bobbio, The Abbots of Bobbio from the Life of St. Columbanus, translated by Ian Wood

7 Dado of Rouen, Life of St. Eligius of Noyon, translated by Jo Ann McNamara

8 Bede, Martyrology, translated by Felice Lifshitz

9 Einhard, Translation of the Relics of Sts. Marcellinus and Peter, originally translated by Barrett Wendell and edited by David Appleby

10 Raguel, Martyrdom of St. Pelagius, translated by Jeffrey A. Bowman

11 Hrotsvit of Gandersheim, The Establishment of the Monastery of Gandersheim, originally translated by Mary Bernadine Bregman and edited by Thomas Head

12 Odilo of Cluny, Epitaph of the August Lady, Adeleid, translated by David A. Warner

13 The Cult of Relics in the Eleventh Century, edited and translated by Thomas Head

14 Peter Damian, Life of St. Romuald of Ravenna, translated by Henrietta Leyser

15 Life of St. Alexis, translated by Nancy Vine Durling

16 The Miracles of St. Ursmer on His Journey through Flanders, translated by Geoffrey Koziol

17 Drogo of Sint-Winoksbergen, Life of St. Godelieve, translated by Bruce L. Venarde

18 Hartvic, Life of King Stephen of Hungary, translated by Nora Berend

19 Guibert of Nogent, On Saints and Their Relics, translated by Thomas Head

20 A Tale of Doomsday Colum Cille Should Have Left Untold, originally translated by Paul Grosjean and edited by Dorothy Africa

21 Life of the Dear Friends Amicus and Amelius, translated by Matthew Kuefler

22 The Book of Ely, translated by Jennifer Paxton

23 The Tract on the Conversion of Pons of Léras and the True Account of the Beginning of the Monastery at Silvanès, translated by Beverly Mayne Kienzle

24 Thomas of Monmouth, Life and Passion of St. William of Norwich, originally tranlated by Augustus Jessopp and Montague Rhodes James, and edited by John M. McCulloh

25 The Jewish Martyrs of Blois, edited and translated by Susan Einbinder

26 Liturgical Offices for the Cult of St. Thomas Becket, edited and translated by Sherry Reames

27 Saga of Bishop Jón of Hólar, translated by Margaret Cormack

28 Gautier de Coincy, Miracles of the Virgin Mary, translated by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski

29 The Cult of Mary Magdalen in Late Medieval France, edited and translated by Raymond Clemens

30 The Lives of St. Margaret of Antioch in Late Medieval England, edited and translated by Wendy R. Larson

31 The Middle-English version of Jacques de Vitry's Life of St. Marie d'Oignies, translated by Sarah McNamer

32 Peter of the Morrone (Pope Celestine V), Autobiography, translated by George Ferzoco

33 The Life of St. David set down by an Anchorite at Llanddewibrefi, translated by Elissa R. Henken

34 The Old Czech Life of St. Catherine of Alexandria, translated by Alfred Thomas

35 The Canonization Process for St. Vincent Ferrer, translated by Laura A. Smoller

36 The Mission of Joan of Arc, edited and translated by Nadia Margolis

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