a)   Which historians have specialised in studying the reign of Edward
     II ? How have their views developed ?

b)   What  are the principal record sources for this reign ?  Do  they
     raise any problems of reliability or bias ?

c)   What  is  the significance of Edward II's Coronation Oath  ?  How
     does  it  differ  from earlier Coronation Oaths ?  What  was  the
     nature and purpose of the Baronial Declaration of 1308?

d)   Which  barons  opposed  Edward in 1311 ? What  reforms  did  they
     propose in the Ordinances of 1311 ? Why did these reforms fail ?

e)   What  is  meant by the 'Doctrine of Capacities' ?   How  did  the
     concept develop during the reign of Edward II ? How was it  dealt
     with  in  the Statute of York of 1322, and what was  its  general
     significance in English constitutional history ?

f)   What is the significance of the King's Household during the reign
     of Edward II ? How was it used by Edward, and why did it become a
     source of grievance to the barons ?

g)   Why did it become necessary to depose Edward ?  What  allegations
     were made against him in the Articles of Accusation of 1307 ? How
     justified were these accusations ?

h)   What changes took place in the organisation of Parliament  during
     this reign ? What powers did it acquire, and how did it  exercise
     them  ? What was the role of parliament in the deposition of  the
     king ?

i)   Attempt  to justify Edward's policies ? Was his reign a  complete
     failure  ?  To  what  extent was he  the  architect  of  his  own
     misfortunes ?

Using the  relevant volume of ENGLISH HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS find,  read
     and annotate the following documents:

a)   The Coronation Oath of Edward II
b)   The New Ordinances 1311
c)   Statute of York 1311
d)   Articles   of  Accusation  against  Edward  II   (B.   Wilkinson,
     Constitutional History Vol II)
e)   Pipewell Chronicle on deposition of Edward II 1327