a)   Which historians have specialised in the Hundred Years War ?  How
     have their views developed ? What controversy exists between them

b)   What are the main contemporary sources for the history of the War

c)   Analyze the primary causes of the war ? Were they (a) feudal  (b)
     dynastic (c) economic ?

d)   How was the war financed ? What effect did the war have upon  the
     English constitution, particularly Parliament ?

e)   How  were  the  troops raised and organised ? What  is  meant  by
     'indentured  retinues'  ?  What was the  role  of  the  mercenary
     soldier  ? What problems did this kind of army create ?  What  is
     the significance of the Free Companies ?

f)   How was the war fought ? What changes took place in strategy  and
     tactics  ?  What was the significance  of the chevauche  and  the
     siege ? Why did the war go on for so long?

g)   What were the war aims of Edward III ? How far were they realised
     by  the terms of the Treaty of Bretigny and the Treaty of  Calais
     1360 ? Are we justified in thinking that Edward lost the peace ?

h)   How  did the conduct of the war change after 1360 ?  What  effect
     did this have on English prospects ?

i)   What  were  the war objectives of Henry V ? How  did  his  policy
     differ from that of Edward III ?  To what extent were English war
     aims satisfied by the Treaty of Troyes, 1420 ?

j)   Why   were the English able to win brilliant victories  over  the
     French and to overrun the French countryside, and yet were unable
     to take the kingdom of France ?

k)   What  were the principal consequences of the war ? Did any  group
     benefit from the war ?

Using the  relevant volume of ENGLISH HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS find,  read
     and annotate the following documents:

a)   Contracts for Military Service 12701
b)   Edward III's manifesto for the French War 1337