a)   What  kinds  of records sources are available for  the  study  of
     medieval English towns ?

b)   What were the origins of the Medieval English town ? What sort of
     factors  influenced  the  location of urban  communities  in  the
     Middle Ages.

c)   Which  were  the  principal  towns of  medieval  England  ?  What
     criteria would you apply to determine the importance of a town ?

d)   What was the role of Markets and Fairs in the development of  the
     urban  economy  ?  What other forms of trade were carried  on  in
     English towns.

e)   What  relationship  did  medieval English  towns  have  with  the
     surrounding countryside ?

f)   What relationship did the towns have with  the royal government ?
     What is meant by burgage tenure ? What benefits did towns  expect
     to gain from Royal Charters ?

g)   How  were  medieval  English  towns  governed  ?  What  was   the
     aldermanic system ? To what extent did the medieval towns control
     their own fiscal and legal systems ?

h)   What factors determined the social structure in medieval  English
     towns  ?   What social classes would you expect to find  and  how
     would  they  be  differentiated  ?  What  evidence  is  there  of
     standards  of  living  and  quality of  life  amongst  the  urban
     population of medieval England.

i)   What  role was performed by the Medieval Guilds ? What   kind  of
     relationship did the Guilds have with the Urban government ?

j)   What impact did the economic crisis of the mid fourteenth century
     have on the English towns ?

Using the  relevant volume of ENGLISH HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS find,  read
     and annotate the following documents:

a)   Charter of Henry Ist in favour of London, 1130/1133 EHD II.945-6
b)   Customs  of  Newcastle on Tyne in the time of Henry Ist  EHD  II.
c)   Grants  of Fairs C13th Bland, Brown and Tawney, Select  Documents
     of English Economic History  pp 157-161.
d)   Guilds EHD II 948 & 970. EHD IV pp 1053, 1058 & 1059.
e)   Charter to Manchester 1301. Bagley J.J. & Rowley P.B. Documentary
     History of England pp 85-90.