a)   What were the principal Monastic orders in medieval England ? How
     did they develop and how did they differ one from another ?  What
     functions did the monasteries perform in medieval society ?

b)   What  distinguished  the Franciscan Friars  from  other  momastic
     orders   ?  Why  did  they  become  unpopular  with  the   church
     authorities ?

c)   How was the medieval English church organised ?

d)   Who were the principal elements in the hierarchy of the  medieval
     English  church  ? From what social classes were they  drawn  and
     what duties were expected of them ?

e)   What   powers   did  the  medieval  church  exercise   over   its
     parishioners ?

f)   How  was the church assimilated into the feudal hierarchy ?  What
     problems did this create for the ecclesiastical lords ?

g)   What were the principal causes of friction between the Church and
     the State in medieval England ?  How were they resolved ?

h)   Were there any significant heretical movements within or  outside
     the medieval English Church  ?  How did the church deal with such
     threats ?

i)   What is meant by the concept of mysticism in medieval religion ?

j)   What was the contribution of John Wycliffe and William of  Ockham
     to medieval theological and political thought ?

Using the  relevant volume of ENGLISH HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS find,  read
     and annotate the following documents:

a)   The Rule of St Francis  (EHDIII)
b)   Papal Provisions and Procurations (EHDIII 738-9)
c)   The growth of anti Papal feeling, 1376  (EHDIV)
d)   Statute of Provisors, 1390 and Praemunire 1393
e)   Relations between cathedral and townsmen at Exeter
f)   Statutes  of  the  Provincial  Chapters of  the  Black  Monks  in
     England, 1343
g)   The Book of Margery Kempe, 1436
h)   Wyclif on the medieval church