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Page Templates

These links lead to page templates for ORB articles and ORB encyclopedia sections, which can be saved to your hard drive for editing. They reference images and html pages by full URLs and thus are suitable for use in any directory on ORB, or on any contributor's individual or institutional server.

  • Basic Page Template
    For use in any ORB section

  • Encyclopedia Section Template
    This template is offered as a potential outline for an encyclopedia section. Section editors are encouraged to customize it in any way that best organizes their resources. Section editors are also encouraged to add content to their sections by linking to relevant online resources at other sites. The outline on this template is intended as a checklist rather than as a list of required items.

In either template, the areas for contributors' use are contained within two comments tags -- one indicating where the "top of page" coding ends and page contents begin; and one indicating where the page contents end and "bottom of page" coding begins. You should begin your page below the dotted line ending the comment (<!----------->).

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