1. British Museum 2. Public Record Office

3) Chancery Miscellanea Series - C.47.

4) Exchequer Accounts. 5) Lay Subsidy Rolls 6) Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer' s Rolls

7) Assize Rolls

8) Chancery Inquisitions Post Mortem. Series I

1. British Museum

Wardrobe   Books Additional Manuscripts
25 Ed. I.  7965
28 Ed. I.  35291
29 Ed. I.  7966A
31 - 33 Ed. I.  35292
32 Ed. I.  8835

2. Public Record Office

Wardrobe Books

Edward I
4-7  C.47.4.1
13  C.47.4.2
14  C.47.4.3
14-16  E.36.201
16-18  E.101.352.12
18  C.47.4.4 
18  C.47.4.5. 
19-23  E.101.624.51
22-23  E.36.202
24-29  E.101.354.5
24-29  E.101.354.7
24-35  E.101.354.10
25  C.47.4.6
25  C.47.4.7
27  E.101.6.3
27-35  E.101.357.15
28-29  E.101.358.20
29  E.101.359.5
29  E.101.359.6
29  E.101.9.20
29  E.101.359.8
30  E.101.361.13
30  E.101.361.15
30  E.101.361.16
31  E.101.363.18.]
31  E.101.363.10. 
31  E.101.364.13
31-32  E.101.365.6].
31-35  E.101.365.10.] 
33  E.101.367.16.
33-34  E.101.368.6. 
33-35  E.101.368.7
34  E.101.369.11]. 
34  E.101.368.27.] 
34  E.101.368.12. 
34  E.101.369.15: 
34  E.101.369.16. 
35  E.101.370.7
35  E.101.370.16].

Edward II
4-5  E.101.373.26.

Wardrobe Miscellanea

Valuation of Horses
Edward I  Description  Reference
11  Non-household knights & others.  C.47.2.8.
13-17  Household serjeants-at-arms.  C.
20-21 Appreciation of Horses.  C.
24  Knights and their retinues.  E.101.5.23.
31  Household knights and their
31  Berwick garrison, and others. E. l0l.612.9.
31  Divers persons. E.lOl.612.12. 8.
31  Three knights and their retinues. E.101.612.12.4.
31  Contingents of John de Botetourte,
John de St. John, Richard Syward,
and Walter de Corry. 
E.101.612.12 6.
c.32  Divers persons.  E.101.612.12.8.
32  Prince Edward's contingent at Perth. E.101.612.26.
34  Prince Edward's household  E.101.13.7.
34  Household knights  E.101.612.19.
34  Household Serjeants.  E.101.612.18.
34  Contingents at Carlisle.  E.101.612.15.
35  Contingents of John do Botetourte
and Thomas de Bickenor. 
E.101.612. 20.
35  Divers persons at Kirkpatrick  E.101.612.5.
35  Contingent against the .earl of Carrick, in February E.101.612.21.
temp.  Divers persons. 29 May,  E.101.612.27.
temp.  Divers knights, Falkirk, 23 July.  E.101.612.12.1.
temp.  Divers persons, Bervick, 31 May -Dunbar, 4 June. E.101.612. 12.2.
temp.  Household Officers.  E.101.12.3.
temp.  Household knights, offlcers, and their retinues.  E.101.612. 12.11.
temp.  At Devizes and Chester.  C.47.2.5.

Wages Paid to Wardrobe Officials
Marshall's Roll, 3 Feb.- 14 Aug.  C.47.3.49.
7-8  Marshall's Roll, 7-29 Feb.  C.47.3.50.
24-29 List of Wardrobe Officers. 24-25 Ed. I .
List of absences etc. 24 Ed. I.
Slmilar 153t5 for 25, 28 & 29 Ed.I. 
26  Draft wages account, household knights, 
sergeants, men at arms. 
26  Account of household wages at war.  E.101.355.12.
28  Draft of household wage accounts  E.101.358.18.2-3.

Knights' Wages

Miscellaneous subsidiary documents, under:
Account of war wages.  E.101.3.21.
10-11 Account of war wages.  E.101.4.1.
11.  Account of war wages.  E.101.4.4.
12.  Account of war wages.  E.101.4. 8.
13  Account of war wages.  E.101. 4.9.
27-29 Draft account of fees paid to knights, 
and other household wages. 
temp. Draft account of war wages. E.101.684.50.7.
temp. Miscellaneous subsidiary documents under: E.101.684.50.1-8.

3) Chancery Miscellanea Series - C.47.

Valuation of Horses, Knight's Fees & Wages; Files 3, 7, 21, 43:4, 5:
Bundle 1. No. 3 Documents relating to feudal service.
Bundle 2.  Army and Navy Accounts. Files 1, 2,5-8,10, 13, 15, 16, 21].
Bundles 3 & 4  Wardrobe and Household Accounts.
Bundle 5.  Marshalsey Rolls. Nos 2-11.
Bundle 14. No. 20  Fines paid to avoid knighthood.

Series - E.198 Documents relating to Serjeanties & Knight's Fees
No. 3. 5 No. 4. 9

4) Exchequer Accounts.

Series: E.101. Army, Navy and Ordnance.

Bundles, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 , 13, 14.

5) Lay Subsidy Rolls

Series:  Exchequer. King' s Remembrancer E.179

Essex: Description
E.179.107.1  22. H.III. County.
E.179.242.12  1 Ed.I. Wenden only.
E.179.107.2  31. Ed. I. Account of Aid granted in 18. Ed. I.
E.179.276.756  31. Ed. I. Inquiry into Fees in Lexden Hundred.
E.179.107.4  35. Ed. I. Arrears of Aid granted 18. Ed. I.
E.179.242. 13  2. Ed. II. 1/25th. Nasing.only.
E.179.107.10.  13.Ed.III. 1/12th & 1/18th. County.

6) Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer' s Rolls Series - E. 368. Nos. 47 -77. ( 1272-1307).

7) Assize Rolls:  Series - Justice Itinerant I. Essex
J.I. 1.  No: Regnal Year:   King: 
299 11-12 Henry. III
231 32  Henry. III
233 38-39  Henry. III
234 39  Henry. III
236 A. 44  Henry. III
236 B 46  Henry III
238 56  Henry. III
240 2-7  Edward I.
242 13  Edward I.
243 13  Edward I.
245 13  Edward I.
246 13  Edward I.
248 13  Edward I.
250 15-17  Edward I.
251 19-20  Edward I.
252 20  Edward I.
254 Edward II.
255 12-14  Edward II.
256 17-20  Edward II.
270 Assizes of Novel Disseisin in Tenements
in Eastwood, Rochford, and other places.
Temp. Ed. I.

8) Chancery Inquisitions Post Mortem. Series I
Henry III: C.132.
Rdward I: C.133.
Edward II: C.134.] 


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