BLOUNT, Hugh le. - Parliamentary - I.P.M. for father. ob. 1259.
KnownEstates. Date Acreage Value Rents Fees Reference
Buttsbury. 1259 276 380s 270s 1 I.P.M. C.132.23.2.
F.A. ii, 134.
Putteridge 1305         C.Ch.R. iii, 59
  1303         F.A. ii, 428.
Penkridge 1293 240       Year Book. 20-21 Ed.I. (Rolls Series p.402)
  1303       1 F.A. v, 2
Kingston 1305         C.Ch.R. iii, 59.
  1316         F.A. iv, 171
Didcot. 1316         F.A. i, 11 54
Possible Estates.            
BEDS:- 1303          
Stagsden         1/10 F.A. i, 11
Essex Total   276 380s 270s    
Overall Total   516        
1315-17 Redistribution of estates within Blount family, namely, Hugh the Elder, husband of Nichola, his son Hugh, husband of Margery, and Hugh, son of Hugh and Margery. Viz;-
1315 Penkridge, Staffordshire. C.P.R. p.291
1315 Didcot, Berkshire. C.P.R. p.270
1316 Kingston, Oxfordshire. C.P.R. p.556
1317 Buttsbury, Essex.  
Andrew father of Hugh the elder, nephew of Henry le Blount, Bishop of Dublin, and younger son of Robert le Blund, Goldsmith of London. Established in Essex c. 1197-1231 see. E. St. John Brooks, 'The Blounts of Kingston Blount, Oxon'.