ST. CLARE. Robert de. - ob. 1301?( E.368. TAX ASSESSOR
Identity uncertain - may be father of Robert de St. Clare of Somerset, ob. 1308. C.I.P.M. v, 140 - more likely date of death is 1313, when Jollan de Duresme acted as executor. C.C.R. 1313, p.66. No explicit link between Essex and Somerset St. Clare.
Known Estates. Date Acreage Value Rents Fees Reference
Danbury 1303       1/2 F.A. ii. 134.
East Tilbury  1291         FF.ii.73. 514.
Liston 1294         FF.ii.79. 579.
Vange 1294         FF.ii.79. 579.
Fobbing  1294         FF.ii.79. 579.
Corringham  1294 310   63s   FF.ii.79. 579.
Stanford  1294         FF.ii.79. 579.
Stambridge  1306         C.P.R. 1306. p.468
Possible Total 310 +      63s 1/2  

Probable Settlements 
1291-4 Lands in East Tilbury, Liston, Vange etc., which Felicia who was the wife of William de St Clare holds in dower, to Margery, wife of John FitzSimon, possibly daughter of R. de St. Clare. FF.ii. 73.514
  Possible connections with John de St. Clare of Toppesfield, Essex, and the St. Clares of Somerset. 

St. Clares held at Corringham in 1201-2.

C.I.P.M. i, 248: v. 140: vii, 51.