HANINGFIELD. William de. - ESSEX NON RESIDENT - Uncertain.
Possible Estates. Date Acreage Value Rents Fees Reference
West Hanningfield  1287 104       FF.ii. 63. 424.
Woodford ND 245   40s   FF.ii. 236. 67
East Hanningfield 1308          FF.ii. 121. 50
Stanley (Great Sampford ?)  1320         FF.ii. 199. 848.
Hatfield Peverel 1306 19   2s   C.P.R.1306. 482.
Ulting           C.P.R.1306. 482.
Langford           C.P.R.1306. 482.
Possible Total   391   42s    

Acquisitions (possible settlements):-
1287-88 100 acres land in West Haningfield, probably of wife's inheritance.  FF.ii.63.424
1306 Granted tenements of Gilbert Mauduyt, hanged for treason, in Hatfield Pevevel, Ulting and Langford  Misc.i, no.1999. C.P.R. 1306, p.482
1308 Manor of East Haningfield, to hold for life, with remainder to Thomas his son, and Thomas's wife Isobel. FF.ii.121.50
  His estates in Woodford and Westhaningfield probable came from his wife, also called Isobel, probably a kinswoman of William de Clevill, to whose inheritance they belonged. FF.ii.236.67