MARE. John de la. - ESSEX NON RESIDENT - ob. 1313 - First Wife Petronilla de Dunstanvill ob. 1283
Second Wife, Eleanor. ob. 1324.
Known Estates. Date Acreage Value Rents Fees Reference
Dengie  1303       1/2 F.A.ii, 135.
  1313       1/2  
  1324 704 231s 16s 1/2 I.P.M. C.134.89.8.
Bradwell 1254 90       FF. ii. 42. 257.
  1313        1/2 F.A. ii, 135.
  1324 579 217s 6s 1/2 I.P.M. C.134.89.8.
Bergholt 1313 69 100s 40s    I.P.M. C.134.32.18.
Mitcham (Eastbourne) 1313 214  265s 116s    
Probable Total in Essex   1373 448s 22s 1/2  
Probable Total in Overall   1586 773s 388s 1/2  
plus the Barony of Castle Combe in Wiltshire, of the inheritance of his first wife, Petronilla de Dunstanvill, widow of Robert de Montford, and held after Petronilla's death, by courtesy for life only. Manors of Barony:- C.I.P.M. i,729; also. C.P.R. 1309 p.163; C.C.R. 1313, p.1:-

Manors of the Barony of Castle Combe Date Fees Reference
Wiltshire 1309 3 C.I.P.M. i,729
Adderly 1284  1 F.A. iv, 222
Adderley  1309   C.P.R. 1309. 163.
Idsall 1309    
Isleham 1283   C.Ch.R. ii, 267.
Isleham 1300    C.P.R. 1300. 501
Bergham 1283    C.Ch.R. ii, 267.
Bergham 1284 1 F.A. v, 128.
all of these estates are subsumed under C.Ch.R. ii, 267 (1283)      

Rented Out:-
1254 1 mess., 90 acres land in Dengie and Bradwell confirmed to John and granted to William le Mareschal for life only and rent of 9s. pa. and 1 lb. of cummin. FF.ii.42.257
  Barony of Castle Combe, as above.  
  Exchanges (probable):-  
1254 of the manor of Bradwell and of the manor of Bergholt in Suffolk acquired from Isobel de Peche, daughter of Roger de Akeny, grandfather of John, in return for the manor of Garsington, Oxfordshire, and of the manor of Bergholt. (Probably a family settlement). FF.ii.45.283
  Garsington was later held by another John de la Mare who died in 1316. C.I.P.M. iv, 606