TANY. John de. - Parliamentary
Known Estates Date Acreage Value Rents Fees Reference
Wennington  1325 202 121s 90s   C.I.P.M. vi. 716.
Rainham           C.I.P.M. vi. 716.
Aveley           C.I.P.M. vi. 716.
Stifford           C.I.P.M. vi. 716.
Probable Estates            
Hockley 1287 367       FF.ii. 63. 426.
Terling (Ringers)  1289          C.C.R. 34-35
  1312          C.I.P.M. vi, p.114
Little Baddow 1312         C.I.P.M. vi, p.114
Boreham 1312         C.I.P.M. vi, p.114
Springfield 1312 360        
Probable Total   869 121s 90s    

1287  167 acres land and 200 acres marsh in Hockley.  FF.ii.63.426
1289 Lands in Hockley, as above. C.C.R. 1289, 34-5
1325 Lands in Rainham, Aveley and Stifford given by John during his life to Henry Gernet, and now taken into the king's hands by reason of the latter's imprisonment. Dower of these lands sought by Joan, wife of John de Tany. C.I.P.M. vi, 716