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The lay le Freine


Titre:The lay le Freine
Date:Début du XIVe siècle
Forme:402 vers
Contenu:Traduction du Lai du Fresne de Marie de France.
Incipit:We redeth oft, and findeth y-write
and this clerkes wele it wite,
layes that ben in harping,
ben y-founde of ferli thing…
Explicit:… and sone was spousyd with game and gle,
to a gentle knight of that countrè.
Thus ends the lay of tho maidens bright,
Le Frain and Le Codre y-hight.
  1. Edinburgh, Advocates Library, Advocates MS 19.2.1, f. 261ra-262A thin stub [⇛ Description]
Éditions modernes
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    • 1967
  • Liste complète: Database of Middle English Romance
Traductions modernes
  • McCreesh, Bernadine, « Translation and adaptation in Lay le Freine », Forum for Modern Language Studies, 35:4, 1999, p. 386-395. [www] DOI: 10.1093/fmls/XXXV.4.386
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