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Titre:A Chronicle of Melusine in olde Englishe compyled by Jhon of Arras and dedicated to the Duke of Berry and Auuergne and translated (as yt should seeme) out of French into Englishe (titre factice du XVIIe siècle)
Date:Vers 1500
Contenu:Traduction anglaise du roman de Melusine de Jean d'Arras.
[I]n the begynnyng of all werkes–
Dauid the prophete saith that the juggements and the punysshinges of God…
Explicit:… For in som cas the good wylle of a man is accepted for the dede. And here I, Johan of Aras, ende the hystorye of Lusynen, beseching god of his hygh mercy to gyue to þem that be passed from this mortalłł world hys eternałł glorye and to them that be lyuyng, prosperous and blessidfułł endyng.
  1. London, British Library, Royal 18. B. II [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
  1. Melusine: a tale of the serpent fairy
    London, Wynken de Worde, 1510
    ARLIMA: EA2701   USTC: 501139   ESTC: S105069
Éditions modernes
  • Melusine. Compiled (1382-1394 A.D.) by Jean d'Arras, Englisht About 1500. Edited from a Unique Manuscript in the Library of the British Museum by A. K. Donald. Part I: Text, Notes, and Glossary, London, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner and Co. (Early English Text Society. Extra Series, 68), 1895, [x] + 408 p. [GB]
Traductions modernes
  • en anglais:
    • Romances of Chivalry, told and illustrated in fac-simile by John Ashton, London, Unwin, 1887, xii + 356 p. (ici p. 1-79) [GB] [IA]
      • Romances of Chivalry, told and illustrated in fac-simile by John Ashton. Popular edition, London, Unwin, 1890, xii + 356 p. [GB] [IA]
  • Bourdillon, F. W., « Some notes on two early romances — Huon de Bordeaux and Melusine », The Library, 4e série, 1:1, 1920, p. 21-39. [www] DOI: 10.1093/library/s4-I.1.21
  • Colwell, Tania M., « The Middle English Melusine: evidence for an early edition of the prose romance in the Bodleian Library », Journal of the Early Book Society for the Study of Manuscripts and Printing History, 17, 2014, p. 254-282.
  • Hosington, Brenda, « Melusines de France et d'Outremanche: portraits of women in Jean d'Arras, Coudrette and their Middle English translators », A WyfTher Was. Essays in Honour of Paule Mertens-Fonck, éd. Juliette Dor, Liège, 1992, p. 199-208.
  • Shaw, Jan, Space, Gender, and Memory in Middle English Romance: Architectures of Wonder in "Melusine", New York, Palgrave Macmillan (The New Middle Ages), 2016, vii + 272 p. DOI: 10.1057/978-1-137-45046-3
  • Zeldenrust, Lydia, The Mélusine Romance in Medieval Europe: Translation, Circulation, and Material Contexts, Cambridge, Brewer (Studies in Medieval Romance), 2020, xii + 272 p.
    Comptes rendus: Miranda Griffin, dans The Medieval Review, 21.08.06, 2020. [www] — S. C. Kaplan, dans Speculum, 96:2, 2021, p. 581-582. DOI: 10.1086/713415
Répertoires bibliographiques
  • Bossuat, Robert, Manuel bibliographique de la littérature française du Moyen Âge, Melun, Librairie d'Argences (Bibliothèque elzévirienne. Nouvelle série. Études et documents), 1951, xxxiv + 638 p. (ici p. 394, no 4142)
    Dictionnaires: DEAF Boss
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