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The order of the world


Titre:Aucun titre dans le ms.; On the wonders of the Creation (titre dans l'éd. Thorpe); The order of the world (titre moderne)
Date:Xe siècle
Forme:102 vers
Incipit:Wilt þu, fus hæle,   fremdne monnan,
wisne woðboran   wordum gretan,
fricgan felageongne   ymb forðgesceaft,
biddan þe gesecge   sidra gesceafta…
Explicit:… æghwylc ælda bearna   forlæte idle lustas,
læne lifes wynne,   fundige him to lissa blisse,
forlæte heteniþa   gehwone sigan
mid synna fyrnum,   fere him to þam sellan rice.
  1. Exeter, Cathedral Library, 3501, f. 92v-94r [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
  • Codex Exoniensis. A Collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, from a Manuscript in the Library of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, with an English translation, notes and indexes, by Benjamin Thorpe, London, Pickering for The Society of Antiquaries of London, 1842, xvi + 546 p. (ici p. 346-352) [GB] [IA]
  • The Exeter Book I and II, edited by W. S. Mackie, London, Oxford University Press (Early English Text Society. Original Series, 104 et 194), 1895-1934, 2 t. — Réimpr.: Woodbridge et Rochester, Boydell and Brewer, 2000.
  • The Exeter Book of Old English Poetry, with introductory chapters by R. W. Chambers, Max Forster and Robin Flower, London, Percy Lund, Humphries and Co. for the Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral, 1933.
  • Krapp, George Philip, et Elliot Van Kirk Dobbie, The Exeter Book, New York, Columbia University Press (The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records, 3), 1936.
  • The Anglo-Saxon Minor Poems, edited by Elliott Van Kirk Dobbie, New York, Columbia University Press, 1942.
Traductions modernes
  • en anglais:
    • Thorpe 1842 (voir sous Éditions modernes)
  • O'Camb, Brian, « Exeter Maxims, The Order of the World, and the Exeter Book of Old English Poetry », Philological Quarterly, 93:4, 2014, p. 409-433.
  • Wehlau, Ruth, « Rumination and re-creation: poetic instruction in The Order of the World », Florilegium, 13, 1994, p. 65-77. [www]
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