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The parlement of the thre ages


Titre:The Parlement of the Thre Ages; The Parlement of the Three Ages
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  1. London, British Library, Additional, 31042, f. 169 [⇛ Description]
    « Thornton MS »
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
  • The Parlement of the Thre Ages: an alliterative poem of the XIVth century edited by Israel Gollancz, London, 1897.
  • The Parlement of the Thre Ages: an alliterative poem on the Nine Worthies and the heroes of romance, London, Milford (Select Early English Poems, 2), 1915, s. p.
  • The Parlement of the Thre Ages, edited by M. Y. Offord, London et New York, Oxford University Press for the Early English Text Society (Early English Text Society. Original Series, 246), 1959, xlviii + 100 p. — Réimpr.: 1967.
  • Turville-Petre, Thorlac, Alliterative Poetry of the Later Middle Ages: An Anthology, Washington, Catholic University of America Press; London, Routledge (Routledge Medieval English Texts), 1989, xiii + 261 p.
  • Wynnere and Wastoure and The Parlement of the Thre Ages, edited by Warren Ginsberg, Kalamazoo, Medieval Institute Publications (Middle English Texts Series), 1992, viii + 83 p.
Traductions modernes
  • en anglais:
    • The Alliterative Morte Arthure; The Owl and the Nightingale, and Five Other Middle English Poems in a modernized version with comments on the poems and notes, by John Gardner, Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press; London, Feffer and Simons (Arcturus Books), 1971, xi + 298 p.
  • Harrington, David V., « Indeterminacy in Winner and Waster and The Parliament of the Three Ages », The Chaucer Review, 20:3, 1986, p. 246-257.
  • Moll, Richard J., Before Malory: Reading Arthur in Later Medieval England, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2003, ix + 368 p.
  • Schiff, Randy P., « The loneness of the stalker: poaching and subjectivity in The Parlement of the Thre Ages », Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 51:3, 2009, p. 263-293.
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