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The ruin


Date:VIIIe siècle
Incipit:Wratlic is þes wealstn;    wyrde gebrcon,
burgstede burston,    brosnað enta geweorc.
Hrfas sind gehrorene,    hrorge torras,
hrungeat berofen,    hrm on lme…
Explicit:… beorhtan bsme    þr þa baþu wron,
ht on hreþre;    pæt wæs hyðelic.
Lton þonne gotan    [............–]
ofer hrne stn    hte stramas
under [........]    [............–]
oþþæt hringmere.    Hte [......–.]
[......–.]    þr þ baþu wron.
[............–    ............–]
  1. Exeter, Cathedral Library, 3501, f. 123v-124v [⇛ Description]
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