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The sege of Melayne


Titre:The sege of Melayne; The siege of Milan
Date:Seconde moitié du XIVe siècle
  1. London, British Library, Additional, 31042, f. 66vb-79vb [⇛ Description]
    « Thornton MS »
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
  • "The Sege off Melayne" and "The Romance of Duke Rowland and Sir Otuell of Spayne," now for the first time printed from the unique MS. of R. Thornton, in the British Museum, MS. Addit. 31,042, together with a fragment of The Song of Roland from the unique MS. Lansd. 388, edited by Sydney J. Herrtage, London, Trübner (Early English Text Society, Extra Series, 35; The English Charlemagne Romances, 2), 1880, xxxix + 178 + 3 p. [GB] [IA]
  • Six Middle English Romances, edited with an introduction by Maldwyn Mills, London, Dent; Totowa, Rowman and Littlefield (Everyman's University Library, 1090), 1973, xxxiii + 224 p.
    • 1992
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  • Middle English Romances, éd. Stephen H. A. Shepherd, New York, 1995.
Traductions modernes
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