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Danish Church Art


James Mills


Kirkerup. c.1350. (M-K 15-024.) Burial. Choir, south arch. Burial. Lower part lost. Left, man with jew's hat holds feet of Christ. Back of tomb, three women, with nimbi, in attitudes of sorrow. Right, man in Jew's hat holds head of Christ. Christ, with cross nimbus

Gimlinge. c.1409. Morton Maler. (M-K 09-048.) Burial. Choir, east sect, west arch, left detail.

Noedebo.. c.1425. (M-K 18-024.) Burial. Sect 1, south arch. Left, man with chalice. Center, Christ lies in the tomb. Right, second man. Above, left, the moon, right the sun.

Gerlev. c.1425. Morton Maler. (M-K 09-033.) Burial. Sect 2, north arch, left. Left, woman, with nimbus, lays body in tomb assisted by four other figures. Tomb resembles church.

Reerslev. c.1450. Isefjord Workshop. (M-K 20-020.) Burial. Sect 2, north arch, left pendentive. Left, woman with nimbus holds head of Christ. Christ, with cross nimbus and crown of thorns, showing wound on right side, hands and feet, is held by three figures, first an man, second, a woman with nimbus, third, a man. At foot of coffin, figure with nimbus in sorrow.

Kongsted. c.1500. Brarup Workshop. (M-K 15-100.) Burial. Sect 4, west arch, left. Left, man holds feet of Christ. Behind tomb, five figures with nimbi, center, BVM holds left forearm of Christ. Christ, with cross nimbus, shows all wounds. Right, man holds head of Christ.


Brarup. c.1500. Brarup. 04-069. St. Erasmus, St. Lawrence. Choir, north wall, top, left. St. Erasmus, clad as bishop with crosier and miter, stands in pot of boiling oil. Right, St. Lawrence with grill in left hand, book in right hand, tonsured. Bottom, burial, Christ laid in the grave. Three women with nimbi, one without, two men.

Brarup. c.1500. Brarup. 04-070. Burial. Choir, north wall, detail of bottom.

Gimlinge. c.1409. Morton Maler. 09-047. Burial. Choir, east sect, west arch, left. Left, woman with nimbus holds head of Christ, man holds feet as they place body in tomb. Below tomb, text. Martinus Maler fecit hoc. Right, Resurrection. Left, lid of tomb across foot of tomb. Center, Christ, with cross nimbus, vexillum in left hand, right hand, three fingers extended, in blessing, right foot out of tomb, showing wounds in hands and feet. two soldiers, one in plate and one in scale, sleep in front of tomb. Right, angel supports Christ as He steps from tomb.

Hyllested. c.1500. Brarup Workshop.12-020. Burial. Chancel arch, north side. Five figures lay Christ in tomb. Left, man, then four figures with nimbi. Christ with nimbus.

Keyyinge. c.1500.14-089. Burial. Sect 3, north arch. Left, man supports head of Christ. Woman, with nimbus, touches Christ's shoulder. BVM, with nimbus, right hand to face, in sorrow, man with nimbus. Man with jew's hat holds feet of Christ.

Over Draaby. c.1450. Isefjord Workshop. 19-067. Burial. Belfry, south arch. Fragment, part lost because of later construction. Left, figure holds head of Christ. Christ, with cross nimbus. Lower left, resurrection. Left, soldier sleeps. Center, Christ, with cross nimbus, with crown of thorns, showing wounds in hands, side and feet, right hand, three fingers extended, in blessing, left hand holds vexillum, steps from grave with right foot.

Smoerum. c.1500. 22-057. Burial. Sect 2, west arch. Poor condition.

Tilist. c.1500. 25-27. Burial. North wall, sect 3. Christ in the tomb.

Aagerup. c.1500. 31-046. Burial. Belfry, north arch, left. Left, three figures with nimbi lay Christ in tomb. Christ, with cross nimbus, shows wounds in head, hands side and feet.

Oester Alling. c.1500. 30-062. Agony in the garden. North wall. Large painting, several themes. Top, left, Agony in the garden. Left, Christ, kneeling. Palisade fence. Right, appearance before Pilate, city buildings in the background. Bottom, left, Deposition. Left, man on ladder loosening right hand. Center, man holds head of Christ. Center, Christ with nimbus. Right, man loosens left hand of Christ. Center, Pieta. Upper right, burial.

Oester Alling. c.1500. 30-067. Burial. North wall, bottom, right.


Aagerup, III-741. Wood carving, pulpit. c. 1620. Probably by Brix's Workshop in Roskilde.

Aarhus Cathedral, XVI-489, 265, 276. Painted wood, reredos. c. 1479.

Allerslev, III-811, 12. Wood carving, pulpit. 1630. In the style of Brix.

Birkeroed, II-940, 22-27. Wood carving, reredos. c.1475. Probably from the same North German workshop as Hvidovre, Hejls, and Rom.

Copenhagen, St. Nicolai, I, Vol. 1-532, 55-57. Embroidery, chasuble. c. 1650.

Eggeslevmagle, V-784, 12, 13. Wood carving, reredos. 1450-1500.

Floeng, III-729, 8. Wood carving, pulpit. 1617. From Brix's Workshop in Roskilde.

Frederiksborg Castle church, II-1796, 71-93. Embossed metal and cast, reredos. 1606.

Gershoej, III-953, 8. Wood carving, pulpit. 1625. Probably from Brix's Workshop in Roskilde.

Haderslev, XX-137. Wood carving, reredos. 1520-30. ln the Slesvig-Holstein Museum.

Hagested, IV-544,26-22. Wood carving, reredos. c.1510.

Himmelev, III-656, 13. Wood carving, pulpit. c. 1630. By Brix from Roskilde. Similar to Kirkerup.

Hvedstrup, III-717, 5. Wood carving, pulpit. 1620. From Brix's Workshop in Roskilde.

Jyllinge, III-770, 5, Wood carving, pulpit. 1618. By Brix from Roskilde.

Kirke Stillinge, V-729, 9, 10. Wood carving, reredos. c. 1480. Inset in 1690 reredos.

Kirkerup, III-759, 13. Wood carving, pulpit. 1639. By Brix's Workshop in Roskilde.

Kisserup, III-868, 5. Wood carving, pulpit. c.1630. Probably by a pupil of Brix.

Koege, St. Nicolai, III-199, 24-27. Wood carving, reredos. 1652. By Lorentz Joergensen from Holbaek.

Koege, St. Nicolai, III-208, 31-37. Wood carving, pulpit. 1624. By Hans Hoist from Koege.

Lille Lyngby, II-1519. Wood carving, sounding board. 1614. By Bernt from Slangerup.

Nakskov, VIII-103, 13. Wood carving, reredos. c-1656. By Anders Mortensen from Odense. Similar to Odense.

Nakskov, VIII-110, 22, 23. Wood carving, pulpit. c.1630. By Joergen Ringnis.

Oester Loegum, XXII-1768, 6-11. Wood carving, reredos. 1500-25. In part Dutch.

Ovtrup, Xll-823, 4. Wood carving, reredos. c.1600.

Pedersborg, V-286, 6, 7. Wood carving, reredos. c. 1475.

Roskilde, Vor Frue, III-86, 27. Wood carving, pulpit. 1623. From Brix's Workshop in Roskilde.

Saksild, XVI-2421, 12. Wood carving, reredos. 1650-60. By Peder Jensen Kolding from Horsens.

Skuldelev, II-2587, 8, 9. 9, Wood carving, pulpit. 1620. By Brix Michgell from Roskilde.

Sonnerup, III-900, 9, 10. Wood carving, pulpit1632. Probably by Brix.

Varde, St. Jacobi, XIX-905, 16. Stone carving, Dutch alabaster reliefs set in pulpit, 1640-50

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