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Danish Church Art


James Mills


Kongens Lyngby. c.1475-1500. (M-K 15-070.) Incredulity of Thomas. Sect 4, north arch. Left, Christ, with cross nimbus, vexillum in right hand, Thomas puts hand in wound on left side. Right, Pietas, BVM, with nimbus, holds body of Christ on lap. Christ, with cross nimbus. Right female figure with nimbus.

Kettinge. c.1500. (M-K 14-088.) Pieta. Sect 3, west arch. left, woman with nimbus, supports head of Christ. BVM, with nimbus, kneeling, touches shoulder and body of Christ. Right of cross, ladder used to take body down. Right, female, with nimbus, kneels, hands, palms together, in prayer. Far right, man, with nimbus, kneels touches feet of Christ.

Kongsted. c.1500. Brarup Workshop. (M-K 15-099.) Deposition. Sect 4, south arch. Center lost. Left, deposition. Left, man on ladder. Right, Pieta. Left, woman with nimbus. BVM, with nimbus, holds body of Christ on lap. Christ, with cross nimbus, shows wounds.

Tved. c.1530. (M-K 26-009.) Pieta. Chancel arch, south side, bottom. Center, BVM, with nimbus, hold Christ on lap. Christ, with nimbus and crown of thorns. In background, women with nimbi. Scroll above, text. Her ligger ihesu po jomfru maria skioed.

Estruplund. c.1542. (M-K 07-096.) Pieta. Sect. 1 east wall. Fragments. Left, Pieta, right, placing in grave. Text. det heft...FA gort Simon og juda aften blef de bedrede A D 1542.


Brarup. c.1500. Brarup.04-071. Pieta. North wall, below window. Poor condition. BVM holds dead Christ to breast.

Bregninge, Aeroe. c.1525. 05-035. Pieta. Chancel arch, north side. Poor condition. Pieta set before tau cross. Left figure with nimbus. Center, BVM, with nimbus, holds Christ on lap. Christ, with cross nimbus, crown of thorns, wounds in side, hands and feet. Right, female figure with nimbus.

Kongens Lyngby. c.1475-1500. 15-071. Pieta. Sect 4, north arch, detail right.

Sejeroe. 21-011. Pieta. Chancel arch. Poor condition. Three crosses in the right background, would indicate that this might be a deposition scene or Pieta. Far left, man stands before city gate. Left, woman. Center, group of three, the Pieta, BVM, left, holds body of Christ, wrapped in patterned cloth on lap. Right, man. Next to man what appears to be a soul in a hanging basket.

Smoerum. c.1500. 22-056. Pieta. Sect 2, north arch. Left, good thief on tau cross. Figure. BVM, with nimbus, Christ on her lap. Feet of Christ held by kneeling woman. Right, bad thief on cross. Figures.

Taagerup. c.1450. 26-092. Pieta. Choir, east wall. Fragment. BVM holds Christ on lap.

Oerum. c.1460. 30-060. Pieta. South wall, bottom, right. Pieta. Center, BVM, with nimbus, holds body of Christ on lap. left and right, figures with nimbi.

Oester Alling. c.1500. 30-062. Agony in the garden. North wall. Large painting, several themes. Top, left, Agony in the garden. Left, Christ, kneeling. Palisade fence. Right, appearance before Pilate, city buildings in the background. Bottom, left, Deposition. Left, man on ladder loosening right hand. Center, man holds head of Christ. Center, Christ with nimbus. Right, man loosens left hand of Christ. Center, Pieta. Upper right, burial.

Oester Alling. c.1500. 30-066. Pieta. North wall, bottom,


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