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A Short Bibliography of Materials on Latin Church Institutions

Jeffrey Fisher

This bibliography is intended as a cursory overview of generally important, accessible, and broad studies on the various institutions of the Latin Church in the Middle Ages. A similar bibliography of primary sources is on the way. Like ORB more generally, the material in this section will continue to be filled out, corrected, reorganized, and expanded as we proceed. My first priority at this stage was to provide a working bibliography covering the entire topic (or set of topics) which might be useful to an undergraduate or even a first year graduate student in beginning to find his or her way around the large and varied field of Medieval religious life, or looking for a place to begin a specific research topic without significant broader knowledge of the Middle Ages.


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Davidson, Linda Kay and Maryjane Dunn-Wood. Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages: A Research Guide. New York: Garland, 1993.

General Church Histories

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General Histories of Monasticism and Religious Orders

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Specific Orders


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Military Orders

Regional Studies


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Monastic Spirituality

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The Papacy

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The Crusades

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Saints and their Cults

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Philosophy, Theology and Spirituality


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Lay/Popular Religiosity

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The Universities

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Copyright (C) 1996, Jeffrey Fisher. This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.

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