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  1. (f. 1r-102v) John Lydgate, Troy Book, incomplet du début (les premiers 3730 vers manquent)
  2. (f. 103r-152v) Generides, version en couplets
    Incipit:A man that hath litel to doone,
    werk he may make him soone…
    Explicit:… eternallie there to be!
    Seith Amen al, for charitie.
    Here endeth the noble historie of th[e excellent Pr]ince Generides, which bi his mariage was Emperoure of P[erse and of] many a Regioñ longyng therto, And bi heritage king of Ynde and [of Surre].
  3. (f. 153) Fragment d'un commentaire latin sur les Psaumes

Description et bibliographie

  • A Royal Historie of the Excellent Knight Generides. Edited from the unique MS. of John Tollemache, Esq., M.P., of Peckforton Castle, South Cheshire, and Helmingham Hall, Suffolk, by Frederick J. Furnivall, s. l., Gibbs for the Roxburghe Club, 1865, xxxvi + 334 p. [CMEPV] [GB] [IA]
    Compte rendu: Zirwer, Otto, « Zur Textkritik der me. Generides-Romanzen », Englische Studien, 17, 1892, p. 23-48. [GB] [HT] [IA]
  • Meale, Carol M., « The Morgan Library copy of Generydes », Romance in Medieval England, éd. Maldwyn Mills, Jennifer Fellows et Carol M. Meale, Cambridge, Brewer, 1991, p. 89-104.
  • Driver, Martha W., « Medievalizing the classical past in Pierpont Morgan MS M 876 », Middle English Poetry: Texts and Traditions. Essays in Honour of Derek Pearsall, éd. A. J. Minnis, Woodbridge, Brewer, 2001, p. 211-239.
  • Corsair, catalogue de la Morgan Library

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