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Richard Roos

Richard Ros


Né le 8 mars 1429 — Mort vers 1492

Poète anglais de la région des Midlands.


  1. La belle dame sanz mercy

    Titre:La belle dame sans mercy translated out of French by Sir Richard Ros (ms.)
    Date:Vers 1450-1460
    Forme:856 vers
    Contenu:Traduction de La belle dame sans mercy d'Alain Chartier.
    Incipit:Half in a dreme, not fully wel awaked,
    the golden sleep me wrapped under his wing;
    yet nat for-thy I roos, and wel nigh naked,
    al sodaynly my-selve remembring…
    Explicit:… as this man was, which is of remembraunce;
    and al that doon their faythful observaunce,
    and in their trouth purpose hem to endure,
    I pray god sende hem better aventure.
    1. Cambridge, Trinity College Library, R. 3. 19 [⇛ Description]
    2. Cambridge, University Library, Ff.1.6, f. 117r-134v [⇛ Description]
      « Findern manuscript ».
    3. London, British Library, Harley, 372, f. 61
    4. localisation actuelle inconnue: ms. ayant appartenu à Charles Fairfax Murray (n° 16)
    Éditions anciennes
    1. The workes of Geffray Chaucer newly printed, with dyvers workes whiche were never in print before: as in the table more playnly dothe appere.
      London, Thomas Godfray, 1532
      ARLIMA: EA395   USTC: 502458
    Éditions modernes
    • Political, Religious and Love Poems from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lambeth Ms. No. 306, and Other Sources. Edited by Frederick J. Furnivall, London, Trübner for the Early English Text Society, 1866, xlviii + 267 p. (ici p. 52) [GB] [IA]
      Édition d'après le ms. Harley.
    • Altenglisches Lesebuch. Zum Gebrauche bei Vorlesungen und zum Schulunterricht herausgegeben von Richard Paul Wülcker, Halle a. S., Lippert'sche Buchhandlung (Max Niemeyer), 1874-1880, 3 t. (ici t. 2:1, p. 126-129) [GB: t. 1, t. 2, t. 3] [IA]
      Réimpression d'un extrait d'après l'éd. Furnivall.
    • Chaucerian and Other Pieces, edited from numerous manuscripts by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, being a supplement to the Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1897, lxxxiv + 628 p. (ici p. 299-326) [GB] [IA]
    • Chaucerian Dream Visions and Complaints, éd. Dana M. Symons, Kalamazoo, 2004, p. 201-274.
    Traductions modernes
    • Brown, Melissa, « The hope for "plesaunce": Richard Roos's translation of Alain Chartier's La Belle Dame sans merci », New Readings of Late Medieval Love Poems, éd. David Chamberlain, Lanham, 1993, p. 119-143.
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