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Sir Cleges


Date:Fin du XIVe siècle
Forme:540 vers
Incipit:Will ye lystyn, and ye schyll here
of eldyrs that before vs were,
   bothe hardy and wyght:
in the tyme of kyge Vter…
Explicit:… he schewyd his yeftes swyth:
now to Mari that hende may,
for all yowr sowlys Y her pray
that to my talys lythe.
Manuscrits Éditions modernes
  • Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Centuries: published from ancient manuscripts, with an introduction, notes, and a glossary by Henry Weber, Edinburgh, Constable, 1810, 3 t. (ici t. 1, p. 329-354; t. 3, p. 345-346) [GB: t. 1, t. 1, t. 2, t. 3] [HT] [IA: t. 1, t. 2, t. 3]
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  • Liste complète: Database of Middle English Romance
Traductions modernes
  • en anglais:
    • Sir Cleges. Sir Libeaus Desconus. Two old English metrical romances rendered into prose by Jessie L. Weston. With designs by Caroline M. Watts, London, Nutt (Arthurian Romances Unrepresented in Malory's "Morte d'Arthur", 5), 1902, xi + 77 p. [GB] [IA]
      • New York, AMS Press, 1970
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