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Maison de vente aux enchères fondée à Londres en 1744



Ne sont ici répertoriés que les ventes de livres imprimés et manuscrits.

Date Titre Google Books Hathi Trust Internet Archive
1786-03-06A catalogue of the valuable library of Edward Wynne, Esq; lately deceased; brought from his house at Little Chelsea. Great part of it was formed by an eminent and curious collector in the last century, and comprehends a fine suite of historical, classical, mathematical, natural history, poetical and miscellaneous books, in all arts and sciences. Amongst which are, Eustathii in Homerum, 4 tom. morocco, Rom. Platonis Opera, 2 tom. Editio princeps, Ald. 1513, Prynne's Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, 3 vol. Sloane's Jamaica, 2 vol. Aristotelis Opera, Gr. Lat. a Du Val, chart. mag. 2 tom. Dart's Westminster Abbey, large paper, 2 vol. Dart's Canterbury, large paper. Virgilii Opera, Servii, chart. mag. Likewise many others equally good, by the most eminent printers, Rob. Steph. Morell. Aldus, Elzevir, Caxton, Wynken de Worde, etc. etc. Also a very curious collection of old English romances, and old poetry; with a great number of scarce pamphlets during the Great Rebellion and the Protectorate.[GB]-[IA]
1791-04-05A catalogue of the entire and valuable library of the late Rev. Michael Lort, D. D. F. R. S. and A. S.[GB]--
1793-03-04A catalogue of the curious and very valuable library of books, and classical and oriental manuscripts, of the Rev. John Haddon Hindley, A. M., of the University of Oxford; forming a good collection of biblical, philological, classical, historical, poetical, and miscellaneous literature. — A remarkable choice selection of oriental printed books. — Classical, philological, and biblical MSS. in the finest condition. — A great number of MSS. in the Arabic – ancient and modern Persian – Turkish and other Asiatic languages, in general in the best preservation, several of them spendidly illuminated, and elegantly bound. To which is added, another collection of Persian MSS. Made by a late French Governeur of Chandernagore.[GB]-[IA]
1794-06-12A catalogue of a curious and valuable library. (Lately brought from France,) the property of a ci-devant French Marquis. The books are chiefly in the French language, and contain a good collection in history, voyages, travels, belles lettres, philosophy, dramatical, poetry, miscellaneous, classical, and various other parts of French literature.[GB]--
1816-12-05A catalogue of prints and fine books of prints, the property of Henry Hope, Esq., removed from Cavendish Square. To which is added a small and genuine collection, consigned from Germany. Among the prints are many proofs and first impressions of the choicest works of Woollett, Bartolozzi, Sharp, Earlom, etc. An elegant variety of coloured views in Switzerland and Geneva. Several scarce and rare etchings and engravings, by and from great masters, etc. etc. Among the books of prints, are Pond's collection, elegantly mounted; Hogarth's original works, in three large volumes; the Houghton collection; Capt. Baillie's works; Boydell's Shakespeare, large plates, and several works of equal value.--[IA]
1834-04-10Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the first, removed from his house in York-Street, Westminster[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1834-06-05Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the second, removed from his houses in York-Street and at Pimlico[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1834-11-10Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the third, removed from his houses in York-Street and at Pimlico[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1834-12-08Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the fourth, removed from his house at Pimlico (sold by auction by Mr. Evans)[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1835-01-19Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the fifth, removed from his house at Pimlico (sold by auction by Mr. Wheatley)[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1835-03-23Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the sixth, removed from Pimlico and Oxford (sold by auction by Mr. Evans)[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1835-05-25Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the seventh, removed from his house at Pimlico (sold by auction by Mr. Evans)[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1836-02-10Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the eleventh. Manuscripts (sold by auction by Mr. Evans)[GB]-[IA], [IA]
1836-02-29Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the eighth, removed from his house at Pimlico (sold by auction by Mr. Evans)[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1836-04-11Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the ninth, removed from Hodnet Hall (sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby and son)[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1836-05-30Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the tenth, removed from Hodnet Hall (sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby and son)[GB]-[IA], [IA]
1836-07-01Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the twelfth, removed from Pimlico (sold by auction by Mr. Wheatley)[GB]-[IA], [IA], [IA]
1837-02-22Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalogue of the library of the late Richard Heber, Esq. Part the thirteenth, and last. Being the entire collection which this distinguished amateur formed during a three years' residence in Holland; consisting of a miscellaneous collection of books, critical, historical, and grammatical; editions of the classics; academical orations and dissertations; controversial tracts; Dutch literature, etc. Also a few manuscripts of considerable literary value, and unpublished Dictata by Alberti, P. Burmann, Harkenroth, Hemsterhuis, Luzac, Oudendorp, Saxius, Wesseling, Wyttenbach, etc. etc. (sold by auction by Mr. Wheatley)[GB]-[IA], [IA]
1841-08-27Catalogue of a valuable collection choice, rare, and curious books, consigned from Germany: among which are Biblia sacra latina, very fine copy, Moguntia, per Pet. Schoyffer, MCCCCLXXII; Biblia sacra latina, a remarkably fine copy of an exceedingly rare edition, printed at Nuremberg, by J. Sensenschmidt, previous to his edition with the date of 1475; various other rare and early editions of the Scriptures; Brydenbach, Itinerarium in Serram Sanotam, fine and large copy, Spiræ, 1502; Cathonis Ethica, fine copy of a very rare edition; Schedel Liber Cronicarum, cuts; Hieronymi Tractatus et Epistolæ, 2 tom.; Romæ, per Sweynheim et Pannartz, MCCCCLX; Holland, Heroologia anglica, fine copy, 3 vol. in 1; Jacobi Magni Sophologium, impr. per Mentellin, circâ 1469-70; Mandeville's Voyage in the East, text in German, an exceedingly rare volume, Aug. trad, per Hans Schensperger, MCCCCLXXII; Pisis Pantheologia, 2 tom. first edition, MCCCCLXXIII; Plinii Historia, very fine copy, Nic. Jenton, MCCCCLXXII; Rudimentum noviciorum, a very rare chronicle, illustrated with numerous wood engravings; Vincentius de Venatione, a fine and early manuscript upon vellum, with illumination; Richardi de Buri Philobiblon, a scarce edition, (1483), etc. An extensive collection of rare and curious tracts illustrative of English history.[GB]-[IA]
1844-05-08Catalogue of the valuable library of the late Robert Southey, Esq., LL. D., poet laureate--[IA]
1845-06-02Catalogue of the valuable library of William Day, Esq., of Swan Hill House, Shrewsbury. The books are all in fine condition, and are for the most part bound in morocco, russia, and calf extra, by the most eminent binders--[IA]
1846-10-21Catalogue of an extensive and valuable collection of Spanish books, the property of W. B. Chorley, Esq. This library of Spanish literature is particularly rich in rare chronicles, romanceros, and novelas; an extensive collection of works illustrating the early history of America, etc. etc.--[IA]
1847-03-12Catalogue of the valuable library of an eminent collector [J. Wilks], giving up his present residence. The collection is particularly rich in valuable and choice illumined manuscripts; block books and early typography; rare editions of the Holy Scriptures; including a beautiful copy of the Mazarine Bible; first editions of the classics; among which will be found, Cicero De officiis, printed upon vellum, MCCCCLXV; numerous rare productions of the presses of Caxton, Pynson, Wynkyn de Worde, etc.; first editions of the chronicles of Fabyan, Holinshed, Grafton, etc.; an immaculate copy of the first Shakespeare; works of the early English reformers; many of the most celebrated galleries; splendid books of prints, etc. The whole in fine condition, many being bound by Lewis, Clarke, Mackenzie, etc.--[IA]
1847-08-02Catalogue of the exceedingly choice and valuable library of the late William Knight, Esq., F. S. A., of Canonbury Place, Islington, and of Oaklands, near St. Albans, Hertfordshire. This important collection contains many richly illuminated missals, horæ, and other manuscripts; an extraordinary assemblage of magnificently illustrated works; early English editions of the Holy Bible; fine specimens from the presses of Caxton, Pynson, Wynkyn de Worde, etc.; rare English poetry; witchcraft; with a singularly curious collection of drolleries, humorous poems, and facetiæ.--[IA]
1847-08-11Catalogue of an interesting and valuable collection of manuscripts, the property of a gentleman, formed during his residence in Hungary, Northern Italy, and Greece: comprising, among others, Missale seu Chorale, a large ecclesiastical book, containing the service and music of the various festivals of the church, a truly magnificent volume, adorned with twenty-one large miniature paintings, executed in a most masterly and beautiful manner, of the Italian school of about 1500, with 957 emblazoned initial letters, beautifully finished, the whole forming one of the most splendid of its peculiar class extant; many other beautiful missals of the Roman Church, adorned with exquisitely painted miniatures and illuminations; an extraordinary and rare assemblage of Ducali, granted by the several Doges of Venice, on the appointment of governors to the various states: all of considerable interest, and highly ornamented with paintings; an interesting collection of diplomas; some early Armenian and Hebrew manuscripts; three large volumes of German heraldry, most splendidly emblazoned on the finest vellum; together with miscellaneous documents, early paintings, etc.--[IA]
1848-05-15Catalogue of the library of J. Walter K. Eyton, Esq., F. S. A., Lond. and Scot. comprising an extraordinary collection of privately printed books; large paper copies; works printed upon vellum, etc. etc.--[IA], [IA]
1848-05-24Catalogue of some exceedingly choice books, together with a few splendid manuscripts, the property of an eminent collector [Bertin], consigned by him from Paris: they comprise books printed on vellum, early French romances, chronicles and histories; galleries and books of prints; illuminated manuscripts, missals, etc. including a noble one of Boccace des nobles hommes et femmes; beautiful miniatures by Petitot, etc.; to which is added, the reserved portion of the very valuable library of the late Philip Hurd, Esq. including Les Sept Pseaumes, an exquisite manuscript upon vellum; a magnificent copy of the Musée français, with proofs before the letters, etc.--[IA]
1848-07-15Catalogue of a second portion of exceedingly choice books, consigned from Paris, the property of an eminent collector [Bertin]: comprising an extraordinary assemblage of early French romances, chronicles, histories, rare voyages and travels, fine books of prints; a few manuscripts and missals, including one most charming little volume of exquisite finish and delicacy; also, some very interesting and rare autograph letters, among which are those of Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth, Anne of Brittany, Henry II, Francis I, Catherine de Medici, etc. with an extensive series of franks.--[IA]
1848-08-30Catalogue of some rare liturgical works, being the duplicate volumes of and in the Maskell collection, now in the British Museum--[IA]
1849-01-08Catalogue of the library removed from Stowe House, Buckinghamshire--[IA], [IA]
1850-02-04Catalogue of the extensive and valuable collection of manuscripts in all languages, formed by the late eminent bookseller, Mr. Thomas Rodd, of Great Newport Street, London.--[IA]
1853-02-02Catalogue of the numismatic library of the late H. P. Borrell, Esq., of Smyrna. Comprising, amongst many others, copies of the works of Banduri, Cary, Castiglione, Combe, Cousinèry, De Luynes, De Saulcy, Eckhel, Froelich, Goltzius, Magnan, Marchant, Millingen, Morell, Oiselius, Paruta, Pellerin, Pembroke, Ramus, Ruding, Sestini, Smyth, Streber, Tochon d'Annecy, Torremuzza, Vaillant, Visconti, Wiczay, Zoega etc. Also copies of the Revue numismatique and the Numismatic Chronicle and a curious and valuable illuminated Greek manuscript of the eleventh century--[IA]
1855-02-09Catalogue of a valuable numismatic library comprising the best editions of most of the important foreign and English books illustrative of numismatology…--[IA]
1856-04-30Catalogue of the miscellaneous library of the late Mr. John Doubleday, also his valuable collection of numismatic books…--[IA]
1859-03-28Catalogue of the extraordinary collection of splendid manuscripts, chiefly upon vellum, in various languages of Europe and the East, formed by M. Guglielmo Libri...[GB]-[IA], [IA]
1859-06-13A catalogue of rare and curious books, illustrative of the English drama and early English literature; including some choice editions of the works of Shakespeare, Robert Greene, Barnaby Rich, and others, early English poetry, novels, and other rare books--[IA], [IA]
1859-08-01Catalogue of the choicer portion of the magnificent library, formed by M. Guglielmo Libri…[GB]-[IA]
1861-02-02Catalogue of reprints and facsimiles, illustrative of early English and Shakspearian literature; the impressions of which are mostly limited to twenty-six or thirty copies--[IA]
1861-04-25Catalogue of the mathematical, historical, bibliographical and miscellaneous portion of the celebrated library of M. Guglielmo Libri… Part the first, A–L…[GB]-[IA]
1861-04-25Catalogue of the mathematical, historical, bibliographical and miscellaneous portion of the celebrated library of M. Guglielmo Libri… Part the second, M–Z…[GB]-[IA]
1862-07-25Catalogue de la partie réservée et la plus précieuse da la collection Libri…[GB]-[IA], [IA]
1862-07-25Catalogue of the reserved and most valuable portion of the Libri collection…[GB]-[IA]
1864-06-01Catalogue of the magnificent collection of important manuscripts and objects of art and vertu, of M. Guglielmo Libri…--[IA]
1866-08-03Catalogue of the valuable collection of important manuscripts formed by the late Rev. Dr. Wellesley, principal of the New Inn Hall, Oxford, including rare and unpublished Italian works, on vellum and paper; copies of Dante and Petrarch; Anthologia græca; several fine heraldic volumes; a most interesting Album amicorum Jacobi Lauri; Italian correspondence, comprising upwards of one thousand autograph letters; illuminated manuscripts, including two very fine Ducali; King Charles the First's copy of his catalogue of pictures, etc. from the Strawberry Hill collection; several volumes relating to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, etc. etc.--[IA]
1866-11-08Catalogue on the very extensive and valuable library of the late Reverend Dr. Wellesley, principal of New Inn Hall, Oxford, comprising an extraordinarily complete collection of Italian writers, in verse and prose, including rare early editions of the works of Ariosto, Berni, Boccaccio, Boiardo, Dante, Petrarca, Pulci, Tasso, and other distinguished Italian poets and authors; scarce Italian novels and romances; curious Italian folklore and chap books; the various testi di lingua; a nearly complete series of "Rapresentazioni sacre," or miracle plays; unique and interesting tracts; important and magnificent books on the fine arts; lives of painters, engravers, sculptors and architects; numerous works relating to Oxford; and most of the best productions in the different divisions of history, biography, archæology, voyages and travels, belles lettres, and other branches of literature, in all languages.[GB]-[IA], [IA]
1868-06-10Catalogue of an exceedingly choice and varied collection of books and wood engravings by, or relating to Thomas and John Bewick, and their pupils, collected by Mr. Edwin Pearson. Many of the volumes are in elegant bindings by Messrs. Bedford, Lewis, Zaehnsdorf, Hayday, and others. Also a few miscellaneous rate, curious and useful books.--[IA]
1869-06-07Catalogue of the curious and valuable library of the late John Dillon, Esq., comprising an extraordinary collection of books, extensively illustrated with rare autographs, portraits, drawings, etc. etc.--[IA]
1869-06-10Catalogue of the interesting and valuable collection of autograph letters, manuscripts and historical documents, of the late John Dillon, Esq. : including English and foreign royal personages, nobility and gentry…--[IA]
1870-02-07Catalogue of a bibliotheca typographica, in the choicest condition, comprising one of the most valuable collections ever offered for sale of books illustrating the history of printing from its invention, collected during the last thirty years with the greatest care and research, amongst them will be found block-book, printed on vellum, entitled Wochentliche Andacht, a very early xylographic work, with 69 woodcuts, and text like a manuscript; an extraordinary unique series of playing cards of the XIVth century, a most important series of the editions of Donatus, (including specimens of several issued by Laurence Koster of Harlem, Gutenberg, and other early printers); specimens of the Psalter of 1457, and of the Mazarine Bible, printed on vellum; books from the presses of the most famous printers, Laurence Koster, Gutenberg, Mentelin, Fust and Schœffer (including a magnificent copy of the Catholicon of 1460), Jenson, Ulric Han, P. Schœffer, Gering, Aldus, Giunta, Caxton, Lettou and Machlinia, Wynkyn de Worde, Pynson, etc. and exhibiting many choice specimens of printing on vellum, and of illustration by wood engravings, from early Italian and German printers; extraordinarily rare and unique works, (some being the first productions of the various towns of Europe); many very rare volumes in the Low German dialects (including fragments of a totally unknown metrical version of Reynard the Fox); a most valuable assemblage of early printed Hebrew literature, (including the first books printed in that language at Lisbon, Soncino, Naples, Rome, and other Hebrew presses during the XVth century); together with a number of very beautifully illuminated and other valuable manuscripts.[GB]-[IA]
1870-07-25Catalogue of the exceedingly choice and valuable library of Robert P. Roupell, Esq., Q. C., comprising the most important French romances of chivalry; early poetry, chronicles, histories, etc. (many of extraordinary rarity); works on angling and rural sports; fine books of prints; English and foreign topography; voyages and travels; first and best editions of the Greek and Latin classics; and numerous scarce and curious works in all classes of literature, chiefly in richly ornamented morocco, by the best English and French binders[GB]-[IA]
1872-02-05Catalogue of a valuable assemblage of books and manuscripts, including many of extraordinary rarity…[GB]-[IA]
1874-05-18Catalogue of the extensive, important and valuable collection of books, manuscripts, autograph letters, and engravings, of the late Sir William Tite, C. B. M. P. F. S. A. F. R. S. F. G. S. etc.--[IA]
1876-05-12Catalogue a collection of classical and miscellaneous literature, comprising histories of the Byzantine empire, and Greece; works on genealogy and heraldry; Greek and Latin classics; grammars and dictionaries; modern Greek publications; and standard authors in all classes of literature; to which is added, the library of an amateur, containing books of emblems, facetiæ, jest-books, curious tracts, etc. in various languages[GB]-[IA]
1878-11-14Catalogue of a portion of the valuable library of Henry Spencer Smith, Esq. F.R.C.S. changing his residence; comprising important, rare and curious medical and surgical works, many in black letter; treatises on astrology, alchemy, geomancy, chiromancy, phrenology, physiognomy, demonology, witchcraft, etc., works on the royal touch; a large collection of descriptions of mineral waters, (both British and foreign); numerous editions and translations of Thomas a Kempis De imitatione Christi; various works on angling and on tobacco; a very fine copy of Sir Thomas More's Workes; Fuller's Church History, Worthies and other works; old and curious herbals, receipt books, etc.; a set of the Retrospective Review, 16 vols. The principal writers on contagious diseases; and numerous standard works in all classes of literature.--[IA]
1881-07-11Stevens's historical collections. Catalogue of the first portion of the extensive and varied collections of rare books and manuscripts relating chiefly to the history and literature of America comprising the great collections of voyages and travels of De Bry (in Latin and German) Hulsius Thevenot Purchas and Hakluyt with early separate voyages of the Dutch English and French navigators; early American history and literature; Burns's autograph poems; black-letter and other early English and American ballads; Chaucer's Works 1532; highly important collections of manuscripts relating to Sir Francis Drake, the colony of Georgia, New England and Virginia including 18 of the earliest autograph letters of Washington and Henry Stevens's Franklin collection[GB]-[IA]
1883-07-02The Hamilton Palace libraries. Catalogue of the third portion of the Beckford Library, removed from Hamilton Palace--[IA]
1883-07-12Catalogue of the remaining works of the late George Cooke, the eminent engraver, together with his collection of etchings and engravings, (sold by order of the executors of his widow, the late Mrs. George Cooke); to which is added another property, comprising prints by Bartolozzi and his school; engravings after Reynolds, Hoppner, Gainsborough and Morland; Turner's Liber studiorum, etc. etc.--[IA]
1883-11-27The Hamilton Palace libraries. Catalogue of the fourth and concluding portion of the Beckford Libray, removed from Hamilton Place--[IA]
1884-03-21Catalogue of the choice library of the late Mr. Francis Bedford, the eminent bookbinder, comprising magnificent examples of his world-known bibliopegistic skill, ornamenting, standard works in all classes of literature, and including De Bry's Voyages to the East and West Indies; rare American works; valuable books of prints; history, voyages and travels; best editions of the dramatists and poets; and important bibliographical publications, chiefly bound by himself.--[IA]
1884-05-01The Hamilton Palace libraries. Catalogue of the Hamilton Library. Large and fine paper copy, with prices and purcharsers' names--[IA]
1884-05-01The Hamilton Palace libraries. Catalogue of the Hamilton library--[IA]
1884-05-01The Hamilton Palace libraries. Catalogue of the Hamilton library. Prices and purchaser's names--[IA]
1884-07-21Catalogue of the first portion of the very extensive, curious and valuable library of the late James Crossley, Esq. F.S.A., President of the Chetham Society, etc. etc. etc. comprising early English and foreign theology; Old English dramatists, poetry and romances; biography and history; voyages and travels; works relating to Lancashire and Yorkshire; rare American publications; valuable series of old newspapers and periodicals; publications of the Royal, Camden, Chetham, Philobiblon and other societies; scarce works on witchcraft, alchemy, etc., curious trials, chap books, jest books, etc., and miscellaneous works in all classes of literature.--[IA]
1885-05-06The Osterley Park library. Catalogue of this important collection of books, the property of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Jersey--[IA]
1886-07-01Stevens's historical collections. Catalogue of the second portion of the extensive and varied collection of rare and valuable books relating to the history and literature of America formed by the late eminent bibliographer Mr Henry Stevens of Vermont comprising the greater part of his working library Basanier's Florida; Colden's Five Indian nations 1727; A Columbus letter; Hakluyt's Principal navigations 1589 (with map) and 1599-1600; Hudson's Detectionis Freti; Itinerarium Portugalensium; James's Strange and dangerous voyage 1633 (with map); Complete set of Las Casas' black-letter tracts; several Peter martyrs; fifteen Mathers; Molina Vocabulario Mexicana; six Ptolemys 1475, 1478, 1490, 1511, 1541, 1548; fine set of Purchas His Pilgrimes; Rumsey's Treatise on steam; Sagard's Histoire du Canada and Voyage du pays des Hurons; several editions of Varthema's Itinerario; Vespucius Mundus novus (Otmar 1504); Washington's Journal; many rare and important tracts relating to the Indians, New England, Virginia, etc. etc.; several early state histories; rare Spanish books; rare Dutch books relating to New Netherland; several Franklin imprints; rare books relating to Canada, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, etc.; scarce books and tracts on the War of Independence, history of the colonies, French possessions, Old French war, etc. etc. including a large number of uncut books. A very large percentage of the whole in elegant and expensive bindings by Bedford, Pratt, and others.[GB]-[IA]
1887-02-28La bibliothèque de Mello. Catalogue of an important portion of the very choice library of the late Baron Seillière[GB]-[IA]
1889-05-23Catalogue of ninety-one manuscripts on vellum, illuminated by English (Anglo-Saxon), Byzantine, French, Flemish, Dutch, Burgundian, German, Italian and Spanish artists of the VIIth to the XVIIth century, chiefly from the famous Hamilton collection and till lately in the possession of the Royal Museum of Berlin[GB]-[IA]
1889-07-01Catalogue of the important library of the late J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps, Esq. F.R.S., including an extensive collection of works of Shakespearian interest, comprising the first, third and fourth folios; Much ado about nothing, 1600; Pericles, 1609; The puritaine, 1607; Richard III, 1629; King John, 1611; Willobie's Avisa, 1609; Greene's Doratus and Fawnia, and other works by R. Greene; Rape of Lucrece, 1632 and 1655; Raleigh's Guiana, 1596; Milton's Lycidas, the rare first edition, 1638; Milton's copy of Drayton's Polyolbion; Spenser's Faerie queene, 1590-1596; the rare first edition of Mrs. Glasse's Cookery; Jones' Songs and Ayres, 1600; Hall's Select Observations, 1657; Gower's Confessio Amantis, 1553; Corbet's Poems, 1647; Dyet's Dry Dinner, 1599; Warhaffte Beschreibung Zweyer Raisen, 1603; etc. etc., an extraordinary collection of Shakespeareana, including Mr. Halliwell-Phillipps' own collections on the life of Shakespeare; most important and valuable manuscripts and autographs, many relative to Shakespeare and his times; also the entire remainders of Mr. Halliwell-Phillipps' privately printed publications.--[IA]
1890-06-18Catalogue of the original manuscripts, by Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins, of The frozen deep, and The perils of certain English prisoners, by Dickens and Collins; two poems by Dickens; The woman in white, No name, Armandale, Moonstone, etc., etc.., by Collins. Also a few bills of private theatricals in which they both took part.--[IA], [IA]
1891-05-11Catalogue of a portion of the topographical and general library of the Rt. Hon. Lord Brabourne, comprising the chief histories of the various counties of Great Britain and Ireland. Mostly very choice copies on large paper, in splendid bindings, as well as a selection of important works from the general library--[IA]
1897-06-17Catalogue of a portion of the library of H. Spencer Smith, Esq., comprising scarce works relating to America, a large collection of books on angling, works illustrated by Bewick, Cruikshank, Caldecott, Leech, Rowlandson, and others; first editions of the writings of A. Austin, Miss Burney, S. T. Coleridge, Defoe, B. Disraeli, H. Fielding, Oliver Goldsmith, Sir A. Helfs, Dr. Johnson, T. Hood, Leigh Hunt, Charles Lamb, S. Richardson, T. Smollett, R. L. Stevenson, W. M. Thackeray, T. L. Peacock, etc., works relating to Kent, poetry and theology, Browne's Religio Medici, first edition; Roper's Life of Sir T. More, first edition; Browne's Hydriotaphia, first edition; Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, first edition, 1621; Goldsmith's The Traveller, and The Deserted Village, first editions; Lamb's John Woodvil, a Tragedy, first edition; Quarles' Enchiridion, first edition; also first editions of rare works by Dr. William Harvery, Sir Thomas More, Izaak Walton, T. Fuller, etc., and many other scarce first editions, extra illustrated works, modern illustrated publications, etc.--[IA]
1897-11-08Catalogue of a selected portion of the valuable library of the late Hon. Percy Ashburnham--[IA]
1897-11-11Catalogue of a remarkable collection of books in magnificent modern bindings, formed by an amateur (recently deceased)--[IA]
1898-07-02Catalogue of the Museum of Brontë Relics, the property of Mr. Robinson Brown late of Haworth--[IA]
1898-11-30Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library of books on angling the property of the late Edward Snow, Esq., of Boston, Mass. U.S.A. Comprising the first five editions of Izaac Walton's Compleat Angler, first and other editions of The Angler's Hand-Book, Bainbridge's Fly Fisher's Guide, Best's Art of Angling, Blacker's Art of Angling and Fly Making, Bowlker's Art of Angling, Brookes' Art of Angling, Chetham's Angler's Vade Mecum, Cox's Gentleman's Recreation, Hofland's British Angler's Manual, Dennys' Secrets of Angling, Nobbes' Compleat Troller, Ronalds' Fly Fisher's Entomology, Salter's Angler's Guide and Troller's Guide, Venables' The Experienc'd Angler, Peacham's Compleat Gentleman, works by Gervase Markham, auction catalogues of angling libraries, priced, scarce American publications, Barlow's Severall Wayes of Hunting, etc., angling songs, and numerous modern works relating to angling and sporting in general, etc.--[IA]
1898-12-13The Ashburnham library. Catalogue of valuable books returned from the sales of the Ashburnham library, having been found to be imperfect[GB]-[IA]
1899-05-01Catalogue of a portion of the collection of manuscripts known as the "Appendix," made by the late Earl of Ashburnham, from whose printed catalogue the descriptions are taken, together with an important text of the later version of Wycliffe's English Bible, known as the Bramhall Manuscript, from the same collection, of which a full account is given from the pen of the Reverend Professor Skeat[GB]-[IA]
1901-05-06Catalogue of valuable books and manuscripts comprising many very rare Elizabethean and Jacobean books and pamphlets mostly relating to Shakespeare, including the Life and Reign of Richard the Second, 1634; The Two Noble Kinsmen by Shakespeare and John Fletcher, 1634; King Edward III, 1599; first and early editions of the writings of Ben Jonson, Brathwaite, Barnaby Rich, Sir P. Sidney Milton, R. Greene, Wm. Browne, S. Marmion, Beaumont and Fletcher, Drydon, Lord Bacon, Massinger; the excessively rare first edition of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, 1678; first editions of Boccaccio in English and Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy; a valuable manuscript volume containing transcripts of letters by Jonson, Bacon, Drake, George Chapman, and others; a portion of the original autograph manuscript of Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe; rare works relating to America, including an important volume of official copies of letters of instruction written to Governors of American Colonies by General Hugh Conway, 1765-66; autograph letters of Queen Victoria, etc.; first and collected editions of modern English writers; a few ancient and rare books with woodcuts; publications of the Kelmscott and Vale Press; a fine XVth century antiphonale; rare French books including a fine La Fontaine, 1762, and Temple de Gnide, on large paper, with plates in three states; Izaak Walton's copy of John Hale's Eton Sermons; etc.[GB]-[IA]
1901-06-10The Ashburnham Library. Catalogue of the Portion of the Famous Collection of Manuscripts the Property of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Ashburnham Known as the Barrois Collection[GB]-[IA], [IA]
1902-06-09Catalogue of the remaining portion of the valuable collection of Americana formed by Marshall C. Lefferts, Esq., of New York, including rare works on Virginia by Beverley, Bonoeil, Bullock, Burk, Gray, Hamor, Hartlib, Jones, Lederer, Smith, Stith, Williams, etc., scarce tracts on New England by Bishop, Burrough, Byfield, Fox, Gorton, Higgenson, Howgill, Hubbard, Josselyn, Lechford, Merlin, Palmer, Stephenson, Ward, Welde, Williams, etc., Eliot's Indian Bible, 1663, early voyages and travels, works on the Indian wars, witchcraft, the Revolution, state and local history, biography, etc., Peter Martyr's Decades (four editions); Scot's Model Government of New Jersey, 1685; Franklin's Cato Major (uncut); Columbus letter, 1494; etc., chiefly in fine uncut condition and in choice modern bindings--[IA]
1903-03-23Catalogue of the valuable library of books and manuscripts of Sir Thomas David Gibson Carmichael, Bart.[GB]-[IA]
1903-03-30Catalogue of a small collection of valuable illuminated manuscripts and printed books, the property of a well-known amateur[GB]-[IA]
1903-10-30Catalogue of the selected portion of the library of the late Adolphus Frederick Nichols, Esq., of Arundel Square, Barnsbury, N. Comprising books of emblems; Americana; works illustrated by Thos. Bewick; Burns's Poems, 1793, presentation copy, with autograph inscription; The Scots Musical Museum, with numerous manuscript notes in the autograph of Robert Burns; the writings of Charles Lamb, Byron and Carlyle; Grimm's German Popular Stories, illustrated by Gen. Cruikshank, 2 vols. 1823-1826: and other books illustrated by the same artist; bibliographical writings of Dibbin; Ackermann's Cambridge, and other books with coloured plates; Coleridge's Fears in Solitude, first edition, very rare; early printed books; biographical and historical works, including the writings of Miss Freer and J. H. Jesse; French illustrated books of the eighteenth century, and books of prints; P. B. Shelley, original poetry, by Victor and Cazire, the excessively rare issue, of which only one other copy is known, Worting, 1810; Laon and Cythna, first edition, presentation copy from the author; tracts, early English literature, works on art, architecture and archæology, serial publications, etc.--[IA]
1903-12-16Catalogue of a selected portion of the library of valuable and choice illuminated and other manuscripts and rare early printed books, the property of the late Rev. Walter Sneyd, M. A. (removed from Keele Hall, Staffs.)[GB]-[IA]
1904-02-27Catalogue of the library of books on angling of W. Anford Proud, Esq. (of Warrington), comprising early and other editions of Walton and Cotton's Compleat Angler, first and other editions of Barker's Art of angling, Best's Concise Treatise, Blacker's Art of angling and fly-making, Bowlker's Art of angling, Brooke's Art of angling, Chetham's Angler's vade mecum, Francis' Book on angling, Hopland's British Angler's Manual, Nobbe's Compleat Troller, Ronalds' Fly-Fisher's Entomology, Bainbridge's Fly-Fisher's Guide, Blome's The Gentleman's Recreations. Treatises on the British, Scotch and Irish fisheries, works by Gervaise Markham, Fletcher's Purple Island, first edition, auction and other catalogues of angling libraries, water-colour drawings of Chinese fishes, Jardine's British salmonidæ, extra illustrated works, and numerous modern works relating to angling and sporting in general, etc.--[IA]
1905-03-27Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library of the late John Scott, Esq. C. B., Halkshill, Largs, Ayrshire--[IA]
1905-12-04Catalogue of a collection of valuable books and manuscripts, comprising French and other illustrated works of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries; books of costumes; early printed books with woodcuts; a series of books of hours (MS. and printed); rare works connected with America; first editions of French classical writers, Elzevir and other classics; etc. Mostly fine copies in ancient and modern bindings by the best artists.--[IA]
1905-12-06Catalogue of valuable rare and interesting books and important illuminated and other manuscripts, autograph letters of Dickens, Nelson, Shelley, George Washington, etc., ancient service books of York, Sarum, etc., transcripts of early Irish manuscripts, original sketches by William Blake, rare Shakespearean books, including Much Ado About Nothing, 1600; A Midsommer Night's Dreame, 1600; Titus Andronicus, 1600; the original folio editions, etc., Shakespeare relics including "The Unknown Portrait," editiones principes and incunabula, books on ship-building and shipping, sporting books, first editions of modern authors, original iron anvil used by John Bunyan in his work at Elstow, etc.--[IA]
1906-12-06Catalogue of the library of the late Dr. Richard Garnett, C.B., late Keeper of the Printed Books, British Museum, and Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery), comprising a large collection of modern poetry, books and pamphlets relating to the British Museum, bibliography, astrological books, and works on palmistry, Appledore and other private presses, biographical and historical works, scientific treatises, transactions and proceedings of various societies, etc. Dictionary of National Biography, complete, 67 vol. 1885-1904; Grote's History of Greece, 10 vol. presentation copy, 1872; Lady Meux's publications; Universal Anthology, 33 vol. Édition de luxe, 1899; etc. Works by Percy B. Shelley, several first editions, and three note books containing autograph manuscript matter by him of the utmost interest, a considerable portion being unpublished. Works by Dr. Richard Garnett, a valuable collection of pamphlets, presentation books with autograph inscriptions.--[IA], [IA]
1907-03-15Catalogue of rare and valuable printed books and choice illuminated and other manuscripts, sacred and secular, autograph letters and modern historical and literary documents, editiones principes and first editions of modern authors, very fine illuminated books of hours, missals, breviaries, bibles, private prayer books, early metrical romances, historical and ecclesiastical writings; productions of the early English press, collections relating to fairs and other pleasure resorts, publications of the Kelmscott and other presses. First editions of Shelley and C. Lamb, the three original Voyages of Frobisher; original drawings from Holbein’s portraits, done for Chamberlaine’s edition, 1780-1790; King Glumpus and the Exquisites, illustrated by Thackeray; autograph manuscripts of Robert Burns, and many other rare and valuable books and manuscripts.[GB]-[IA]
1907-03-22Catalogue of the extremely choice and valuable collection of books the property of William C. Van Antwerp, Esq. (of New York), comprising the rarest editions of classical English writers from Chaucer To Tennyson, and specimens of the productions of the earliest English printers, including a fine sequence of the first editions of the writings of Addison, Arnold, Bacon, Barbour, Beaumont and Fletcher, Browne, Browning, Bunyan, Burns, Burton, Butler, Byron, Caxton, Chapman, Chaucer, Coryat, Crashaw, Daniel Defoe, Drant, Drayton, Fox, Goldsmith, Gray, Heywood, S. Johnson, B. Jonson, Keats, Lamb, Lydgate, Marston, Massinger, Milton, Middleton, More, Petowe, Pope, Scott, Shakespeare, Sidney, Spenser, Swift, Swinburne, Tennyson, Thackeray, Walton, Watts, Wordsworth, Wycherley, etc. The four first folios, and ten original quarto plays of Shakespeare; the celebrated first edition of Walton's Angler, from the Rowfant Library; the rarest Americana, by Botero, Eden, Drake, Purchas, Hubbard, Hakluyt, Franklin, Frobisher, Foxe, Lescarbot, Esquemeling, etc.; and other works. All are generally in very fine condition.[GB]-[IA]
1907-05-10Catalogue of a selected portion of the library of W. Bromley-Davenport, Esq., Capesthorne, Chelford, Cheshire, comprising important and valuable manuscripts and printed books, including ancient illuminated horae, a missal and a breviary, two antiphonaries, etc., a large series of illumimated ornamental initials and separate miniatures; a "Speculum humanae salvationis" of the XVth century, with drawings. Many rare and early editions of the classic writers in Italian, Spanish and French. Editiones principes and other incunabula. A fine series of the writings of Savonarola in original issues and other early Italian books with woodcuts. Rare romances of chivalry; rare early English books; two books from the library of queen Catherine of Arragon; one from queen Elizabeth's, and others from celebrated collections; a portion of the Book of St. Albans, etc.; rare tracts and plays, works on America, by De Bry and others.[GB]-[IA]
1907-05-31Catalogue of valuable English and foreign books and manuscripts comprising illuminated ancient manuscripts on vellum, devotional, historical, poetical, genealogical, etc. Literary documents and autograph letters of celebrated writers; presentation copies, etc. An important collection of some of the rarest pre-Shakespearean interludes, comedies and morality plays; twenty original plays by Shakespeare; fine copies of the first four folios; plays by Shakespeare's contemporaries and successors; rare books containing references to Shakespeare; first editions of early English writers and of modern English authors; rare books and tracts on America; Caxton's Golden Legend, 1483; Blake's Poetical Sketches, 1783; fine specimens of English and foreign bindings by the Mearnes, Eves, Derome, etc., and some royal bindings by Reynes and others, etc.[GB]-[IA]
1907-06-17Catalogue of a selected portion of the choice and valuable library, ancient manuscripts and early printed books, the property of a gentleman, comprising illuminated devotional, historical, classical and poetical manuscripts, a large number of very rare Italian, German and French woodcut books, etc.[GB]-[IA]
1907-07-08Catalogue of the choicer portion of the library of the dukes of Altemps, removed from Piazza S. Lungi del Francesi, Rome, comprising ancient manuscripts, editiones principes and other incunabula, early Italian books with woodcuts, fine bindings, etc.[GB]-[IA]
1907-12-21Catalogue of the valuable collection of early editions of the works of Shakespeare the property of the Right Honble. Richard George Penn, Earl Howe, G.C.V.O.; removed from Gopsal, Leicestershire.[GB]-[IA]
1908-11-16Catalogue of autograph letters and historical documents the property of the late Mrs. Julia Davies of Cheltenham (sold by order of the executrix), including a very fine series of signatures of the sovereigns of England and France, an unpublished Latin epigram by Erasmus, letters of Michael Angelo, Queen Henrietta Maria, Cotton Mather of New England, L. Sterne, Dean Swift and many others of great rarity, the original assignement by Keats of the copyright of "Lamia," etc.--[IA]
1911-07-12Catalogue of the valuable and extensive collection of early medical works (including anatomy and surgery) also a large and important collection of books and tracts on pestilence from the earliest times to the eighteenth century the property of John Frank Payne, M.D. F.R.C.P. (deceased), Hon. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; Emeritus Harveian Professor; Librarian to the Royal College of Physicians; Consulting Physician to St. Thomas's Hospital; late President of the Pathological, Epidemiological and Dermitological Societies--[IA], [IA]
1912-01-30Catalogue of the remaining portion of the library of the late Joseph Frank Payne, M.D. F.R.C.P., Librarian to the Royal College of Physicians; Hon. Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; Emeritus Harveian Professor; Consulting Physician to St. Thomas's Hospital; late President of the Pathological, Epidemiological and Dermitological Societies, comprising his collection of rare herbals and other natural history books, a series of the first and later editions of John Milton's writings and Miltoniana, and old and modern books in general literature.--[IA], [IA]
1913-02-11Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library formed by George Dunn, Esq. (deceased) Woolley Hall, near Maidenhead; sold by order of the executors. The first portion. Comprising the collection of early manuscripts and printed books relating to English law, and early manuscripts and printed books and old bindings.--[IA]
1913-05-01The Browning collections. Catalogue of oil paintings, drawings and prints; autograph letters and manuscripts; books; statuary, furniture, tapestries, and works of art; the property of R. W. Barrett Browning, Esq. (deceased), of Asolo, Veneto, and La Torre all' Antella, near Florence, Italy (sold by order of the administrators of his estate), including many relics of his parents Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Brownning.--[IA]
1913-12-10Catalogue of very choice books, manuscripts and autograph letters the property of a well-known American amateur--[IA], [IA]
1914-06-25Catalogue of two valuable illuminated manuscripts the property of Harry [sic] Yates Thompson, Esq.[GB]-[IA]
1919-06-19Catalogue of twenty-eight illuminated manuscripts and two illuminated printed books, the property of Henry Yates Thompson, of 19, Portman Square, London.[GB]-[IA]
1919-07-18Catalogue of very choice and valuable early printed books with a few illuminated manuscripts, the property of Charles Fairfax Murray, Esq. (deceased), (sold by order of the executors), comprising the famous block book of the Apocalyptic Visions of St. John, c. 1460; rare XVth and XVIth century books, with woodcuts, including Columna's Mer des histoires, Verard, c. 1505, with a folding woodcut hitherto unknown to bibliographies; a fine and extensive series of tracts by Savonarola, many with woodcuts; illuminated liturgical and secular manuscripts on vellum; books in fine bindings, including beautiful examples of XVIth century Lyonese workmanship, etc.; etc. Which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge… on Friday, the 18th of July, 1919…--[IA]
1921-02-08Catalogue of Persian and Indian miniatures formerly in the collection of M. Léonce Rosenberg, and the property of N. M. Humphries, Esq.; Persian lacquer book covers, the property of C. Fairfax Murray, Esq. (deceased); and mediæval illuminated manuscripts and initials, etc.--[IA]
1921-03-07Catalogue of fine Persian, Indo-Persian and Indian manuscripts and miniatures, including the property of Capt. F. M. E. Townsend, R. E., and a fifth century fresco from the caves of Ajanta, the property of Mrs. Williams, of Hampsted--[IA]
1921-04-04Catalogue of valuable books, chiefly by celebrated English writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including the property of Capt. E. W. Martindell; the property of Mrs. Helen Rossetti Angeli; the property of R. H. Leon, Esq.; the property of the late William Heinemann, Esq. (sold by order of his executors); the property of Lionel F. Crane, Esq.; the property of Herbert W. Mason, Esq.; and the property of Mrs. T. M. Rolleston--[IA]
1921-04-18Catalogue of valuable printed books and a few illuminated and other manuscripts, comprising the property of Sir Alfred Jodrell, Bt. of Bayfield, Holt, Norfolk; the property of Major the Honble. Maurice Baring; the property of Miss Ada Marion Roberts; the property of Capt. A. W. Clifford, of Chestal, Dursley, Glos.; books from the library of Sir John Horner, K. C. V. O., at Mells Park, Frome; the property of Mrs. Simpson Rostron, of South Warnborough Manor, Basingstoke; the property of Capt. E. W. Martindell, and other properties--[IA]
1921-05-25Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library of the late Sir John Arthur, Bt. (of Fenay Hall, Huddersfield)--[IA]
1921-06-09The H. W. Bruton collections. Catalogue оf the very choice collection of printed books, autograph letters and book illustrations; also drawings by Thomas Rowlandson, the property of the late Henry William Bruton, Esq., Bewick House, Gloucester (sold by order of the executors)--[IA]
1921-06-22Catalogue of fourteen illuminated manuscripts and fifteen early printed books (including five Pigouchet Horae on vellum), together with the Credo of Charles V in gold and enamel case and a picture of the Battle of Cannae, ascribed to Jean Foucquet, the property of Henry Yates Thompson, of 19, Portman Square, London.--[IA]
1921-06-28Catalogue of valuable printed books and important illuminated and other manuscripts, comprising the property of Sir John Trelawny, Bt.; the property of the Rev. N. C. S. Poyntz (deceased), and the property of Maj. Gen. L. C. Dunsterville, C. B., C. S. I.--[IA]
1921-11-07Catalogue of the fifth portion of the famous stock of the late Mr. W. J. Leighton (who traded as Messrs. J. and J. Leighton), of 40, Brewer Street, Golden Square, W. (sold by order of the executor)--[IA]
1921-11-14Catalogue of a selected portion from the remainder of the well-known and valuable library formerly the property of the late Lord Amherst of Hackney (sold by order the trustees of the Tyssen-Amherst estates)--[IA]
1922-07-24Catalogue of valuable books and manuscripts, also autograph letters and historical documents, comprising books with coloured plates, first editions of W. Harrison Ainsworth, C. Dickens and W. M. Thackeray, books illustrated by G. Cruikshank, etc.…--[IA]
1972-01-01Art at auction. The year at Sotheby Parke Bernet 1972-73. Two hundred and thirty-ninth season--[IA]
1975-01-01The catalogue of the Suzannet Charles Dickens collection--[IA]
1979-03-08Catalogue of printed books, comprising approximately 25,000 volumes, with extensive collections of religion, literature, travel, biography, history, classics, economics, and the fine arts, and long and complete runs of periodicals and many standard historical sets the property of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet--[IA]
1984-06-26Highly important Hebrew books and manuscripts. Auction, Tuesday, June 26, 1984 at 7 p.m.--[IA]

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