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Christ I


Titre:Aucun titre dans le ms.; Christ I (titre moderne)
Date:Vers 800
Forme:440 vers
Incipit:[le début manque]
ðu eart se weallstan    þe ða wyrhtan iu
wiðwurpon to weorce.    Wel þe geriseð
þæt þu heafod sie    healle mærre,
ond gesomnige    side weallas…
Explicit:… efne in þam eðle    þær he ær ne cwom,
in lifgendra    londes wynne,
þær he gesælig    siþþan eardað,
ealne widan feorh    wunað butan ende. Amen.
Continuations:Cynewulf, Christ II
  1. Exeter, Cathedral Library, 3501, f. 8r-14r [⇛ Description]
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