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The daunce of Machabree

Œuvre de John Lydgate


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Incipit:The Daunce of Machabree
wherein is liuely expressed and shewed the state of manne and howe he is called at vncertain tymes by death, and when he thinketh least thereon: made by thaforesayde Dan John Lydgate Monke of Bury.
[The Prologe]
Oye folkes hard hearted as a stone,
whiche to this worlde geue al your aduertence,
lyke as it should euer lasten in one, —
where is your wit, where is your prouidence…
Explicit:… Rude of langage, I was not borne in France, —
Haue me excused, my name is Iohn Lidgate;
of ther tong I haue no suffisance,
her curious miters in Englishe to translate.
Voir aussi:Mort
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  2. London, British Library, Lansdowne 669
  3. San Marino (USA), Huntington Library, EL 26 A 13, f. 1r-12v [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
  1. Tottel, 1554
Éditions modernes
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Traductions modernes
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